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Woah! Its almost been a month since Ive made a post. Where has all that time gone?! I knew it had been awhile but not that long. This homeschooling business is kicking my butt. Im going 1000 miles a min during the day. Think being a stay at home mom is hard? …Try also being your child’s teacher. Im rambling, Ill blog more about that in another post. I made an Lentil Bolognese dinner last night. Ive been in a dinner funk, feeling lazy and not wanting to put forth effort to cook. I spent about 30 mins yesterday trying to come up with this week’s dinner menu, nothing really sounded good. Until I happened upon this one foodie blog, Maple Spice and all Vegan Things Nice. I pinned like 10 different delish looking recipies! I just happen to have almost all the ingredients for her Lentil Bolognese so that’s what I cooked.

Such a score because my Meat Eater Husband and Son loved it & my picky toddler ate a lot of it .. until she noticed the garlic bread, and then she only wanted bread. Womp womp. Lol. Its got a good amt of veggies in it! The lentils give it a meat-ish like of feel. And shhh don’t tell, but I used about half a package of mushrooms. The husband HATES mushrooms and usually wont eat them, but he has no idea that his yummy dinner was full of mushrooms! MuhHahaha!! (Unless of course, he reads this blog…) Now if you don’t like mushrooms either, don’t run away. The sauce is blended smooth in a food processor and you really cannot tell that there are mushrooms in it! Of course you can omit them if you want to be difficult :P but don’t! It feels great, feeding your family something that’s good tasting and good for them.

Heres the recipe: Vegan Veggie Lentil Bolognese

Vegan Veggie Lentil Bolognese

Vegan Veggie Lentil Bolognese

I cooked it per the recipe except for 4 changes: 1)I didn’t have any tomato paste so I had to omit that. It didn’t change the sauce at all so I wont bother with it next time. 2)The recipe calls for 2 400g of lentils but I only had enough for 1 400g of lentils. It didn’t really effect the sauce either. 3)After I blended the sauce in my food processor I added another can of Italian seasoned deiced tomatoes, cuz I love tomatoes! 4)When it was done the sauce was too thick for my liking so I added about 1/2 cups of the cooked pasta water to make it more saucy.

To serve, add a little cheeze or nutritional yeast sprinkled on top and some fresh basil. Maybe a side of steamed broccoli or a salad. Some garlic bread (Vegan garlic bread recipe!! You can use olive oil in place of the vegan butter). And youre good to go!!

Would You Be Shocked?

Would you be shocked if I told you that I do not feel like working out today? In no shape or form do I want to go work out. I turned off my alarms and slept in this morning. I told myself that Id go to my box (aka Crossfit gym) once my hubby gets home but I really want to just.. skip it.  I didn’t get any sleep last night. And no, Im not being dramatic, I really got very little-no sleep. The baby (who, at 22 months old, is no longer a baby) did not sleep so I didn’t either. Her internal alarm clock woke her up at least once every hour. It was at 4:30am when I finally had to drag my butt to bed and asked my hubby to go deal with her. I got maybe 3 hours of sleep. Sleep and I use to get along so wonderfully, we were BFFs, but not any longer. Boo!

Ive been in a foul mood all day, trying to talk myself into vegging out. I know Ill be in a worse mood if I do that so Im left with no choice but to put on my gym clothes (which are waiting for me by my front door) once my hubby comes home and go Crossfit anyways. A good sleep schedule is vital for athletes; its commonly known that a pattern lack of sleep contributes to obesity, impairs your body’s ability to repair itself, and can cause you to crave those naughty foods … But whining and complaining about my lack of sleep wont do me any good. I feel fine, considering, so why not go kick some Crossfit butt?! Woot!

Workout motivation

Are You Hungry? Fail Brownies

From the post’s title you’d think this was a recipe blog post. You would be close but not exactly correct. This is a failed recipe post. Today is Friday the 13th! I thought it would be a perfect post for today!

One thing my friends know about me is that I cannot bake. They all get a chuckle out of the fact that I just cant do it. Now, I don’t mean I just burn brownies or overcook cookies. No. I mean that I can follow a recipe for baked goods to a T and still manage to screw it up, so much so that its not worth eating. Im not even being funny. I really cannot bake! Which I guess is fine, I mean.. we cant be experts at everything! ;) Lol!!

I guess Im a glutten for punishment because any time my family wants something dessert-ish, you’d think I would have learned by now and just go buy something already made from the bakery. But no! I always want to try to make it myself and it never fails, it always kinda sucks. I guess Im so determined to make it because that way I can try to make whatever it is vegan..because the bakeries around here do not have that option. If someone wants to bake a vegan treat for me and mail it to me, Id be thrilled!

I also have a problem with saying no to such treats. Did you know oreos are vegan? Well they are. Go ahead and gobble them down because they don’t contain animal products! But they are so very bad for you and the serving size is 2 cookies! Who in their right mind can eat just 2 oreo cookies?! Not me! which is why I never have sweets in the house. Because I will eat them. And I will eat a lot of them.

So the point of this post. Last week I was making my weekly grocery store run. I texted the husband to see if he needed anything and his response was that I better come back with something chocolaty, or else! …. Ok Honey, suuure no problem! ;)

Of course I didn’t stop at the bakery section, no. I was determined to bake something myself. Mistake #1! I searched the grocery story trying to find something chocolate but not so bad for you! I found the store’s very small organic section and they had a bag of veg friendly organic dark chocolate kisses, on the back was a recipe on how to make brownies. Score! But the ingredient list was a million items long and I thought it best to try something else (Im so bad with forgetting key ingredients!). I walked down my use-to-be favorite isle, the baking isle! With all those yummy boxed brownies, cakes, and cupcake mixes. But alas, ALL of them had milk or something like that listed in the mix. Then I saw it! Betty Crocker has like 3 types of gluten free baked goods: brownies, white cake, and cookies. Milk FREE!. Mistake #2, I went with the brownies.

I got home and saw it called for butter and eggs. Piiish, I got this, or so I thought! I used egg replacer (its like a power thing and you add water) for the eggs and half an avocado for the butter. Uh. Mistake #3! I don’t know what the deal was but when I mixed the ingredients, not a thing happened. They didn’t mix together! It still looked like a power. Oops! It was at that time when the hubby comes in the kitchen to see what I was up to….

I was caught! He just looked at me and shuck his head. I had ruined his chocolate! He insisted on adding half a stick of butter to the mess. I put it in the oven and… out came this brick of brownies. Yummy, huh?! He must have been desperate….because the husband did eventually finish off that tray of ‘delish’ brownies. Ha!

So that’s my adventure of making Fail Brownies. They were at least gluten free!! :D But they had a very odd consistency and flavor. More like soil and not brownie-like, at all. I don’t know if they would have tasted normal had I not tried to make them vegan? Id like to think they just didn’t taste good to begin with! ;) Lol.

And to prove the point that I suck at baking….. pics!

The batter after the hubby added his butter

The batter after the hubby added his butter

What he thinks of the mess I made, not happy

What he thinks of the mess I made, not happy

And cooked...

And cooked…




You know how “they” say that weight loss is 80% healthy eating and 20% exercise. Ive been trying to eat out less and cook at home. Dirty little secret time, we tent to eat out a lot. It get expensive and even though I try to order things that are as healthy as possible, I know its not really that healthy. Case in point, I had to go to Olive Garden the other day for a baby shower. How do you eat Olive Garden and vegan? Well the OG isn’t my most favorite restaurant, the only pasta dish they have that I can eat it spaghetti and *I* can make sketty far better then theirs! So I ordered veggie pizza without cheese. I logged my meal into MyFitnessPal app and was shocked to read that my ‘healthy’ dinner was 900-some calories! Say whaaaat?! And the sodium was really high too. :\ Womp. Womp.

A lot of my problem has to do with me being too lazy/tired/busy (whatever you want to call it) to prep and cook. By the time dinner rolls around, the hubby comes home from work starving (because he usually skips breakfast and lunch!), begging for food, I don’t feel like jumping right then to cook something, so we go out! I will plan and buy a weeks worth of meals and then go out twice-ish a week for dinner. Ack!

So no more out to eat! Last week (or maybe 2 weeks ago) I had a hankering for Mexican so I searched on Pinterest and found enchiladas! Yum! I was going to assemble, fill/roll the enchiladas, and then bake them but once I started I was like, aint no body got time for that! so instead I made a Lazy (Wo)man’s Vegan Enchilada Bake with a side of Cilantro Lime Brown Rice. I used the Steamfresh brand rice (that’s in the freezer section, it comes in a bag, and you microwave it for 5 mins, then DONE!) and added cilantro + lime to it. Oh so easy! And bonus, delish! Its packed full of veggies, the kid loved it and even the meat-eater hubby gave his complements!

***Updated to add..

Oh how could I forget! The baby loved her enchilada dinner so much that she scarfed it down and even licked her plate. And of course, being the good mama that I am, I took pictures! Lol. Here’s what Bethany thought of dinner!


Now it’s time to get serious!



Vegan Lazy Baked Enchilada!

Lazy Enchilada Bake

Lazy Enchilada Bake

1 can black beans, rinsed and drained
1 can corn, drained
1 can tomatoes with zesty mild green chillies, drained
1 onion, diced
veggies of choice (I used 1 cooked sweet potato, 1 diced zucchini, and 1 diced squash)
salt and pepper to taste
favorite salsa (I LOVE Walmart’s Great Value brand White Corn & Black Bean Salsa)
3 whole wheat tortillas
1 package enchilada sauce (I used Frontera Green Chile Enchilada Sauce)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Lightly oil a round baking dish. In a medium bowl combine all veggies, black beans, corn, tomatoes, onion, salt, and pepper. Layer baking dish: tortilla, veggie mixture, enchilada sauce, salsa. And repeat to make 3 layers. Drizzle the remaining enchilada sauce over the casserole. Cover and bake approx. 35 mins. Garnish with cilantro and serve with cilantro lime brown rice.

Tip: you can assemble this ahead of time and then pop it into the oven at dinner time.

Where Has My Sanity Gone?

Oh my goodness. Where has my sanity gone? It’s disappeared slowly as we have homeschooled, the longer we go the crazier I get. Which is why I’ve been MIA on here. Don’t hate me :) Lol, its not really that bad but today was an unusually difficult day. The child became belligerent and wouldn’t do his work. I made him take a break, in the form of a nap, and then after he went to karate class I dropped them off at the house for the husband to deal with. Let daddy deal with it! 45 mins of mommy free time in the grocery store!!! What! Lol. When I got back the child had completed most of his work. Score!

Real quick (because my iPad only has 5% battery life left), we found our max weight (I believe it’s called rep max, 1rm) today with dead lifts, presses, and squats. I had a lot of fun with it! I’m so pumped to see where I’ll be at in a few months.


My rm’s found today, Sep 10
Deadlift: 205lbs
Back Squat: 125lbs
Overhead Press: 70lbs

Oh. Yeah. That felt fantastic! Superwoman, look out, here I come!!!!! :D

Whats Your Story?

I was stalking one of my favorite Fit Mama’s facebook, Anabelle’s Clean Eating and Fitness Page this morning when she posted her 100 pound weight loss transformation video!!! Woah! Its amazing and if you haven’t checked her page out, you must! (If only she was a vegan, then she’d be perfect, hehe)

Anywho, she inspired me to post my Transformation Tuesday pics! Ive lost half the weight that Anabelle, 50 lbs! Im hoping to say that by summer Ill be down to my goal, 50 more lbs! I don’t have the time to make a video right now so here are pics (I cant believe Im posting these before pics, usually Id hide them in a very dark place. Now Im rethinking making this blog post, Im feeling so anxious right now…).

You should look at the pics while you listen to … ;)


2 3   4 5    6


   9      11  12    13    15    17


20   21

Why Do Squats?

How about a little Motivation Monday?!? :D Because.. Not a single squat was given that day! <3

Did y’all see the VMAs last night? I sure didn’t. I was in bed at 9 so I could get up at 5 this morning to go to Crossfit!!! Hahaha. Thanks to last night’s VMS performance by Miley Cyrus, today has been dubbed National Squat Day. (Which is funny because I did squats today in my workout!) Miley was a hot mess last night, which isn’t surprising! I youtubed her performance…please learn from my mistake and do not YouTube it! Thats 6 mins of your life that you’ve waisted and you’ll never be able to get back. People mag had it right when they tweeted and said her performance was like what Build-A-Bear workshop looks like in hell!!!!

The thing that stood out about Miley … her bum. Or lack of a bum. Now I’m not usually one to poke fun at how others look. But come on now, this is Miley Cyrus and she’s totally done it to herself! I <3 squats but Miley must not.

If you want to have a nice round bum, you’ve got to do squats! If not, you’ll have Mileybutt …and that’s just not attractive.

Ok now I’m warning you. If you don’t want to see the Mileybutt, look away… :P


See. I told you it was ugly.

Her bum is the reason why we should all do squats. So do yourself a favor. Go ahead. Get off your butt and do 40 squats! ……. There!
That wasnt so hard!
And for those of you who aren’t sure how to do a proper squat, this is a good resource! 23 Ways to Improve Your Squat Don’t just do any ole squat, make sure you are using proper form. A lazy squat is a sucky one!

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