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Whats on your list?

Your Christmas list! What do you have your eye on? I always like getting jewelry, what girl doesnt?! And I also have a slight obsession with Vera Bradley so I wouldnt mind adding to my collection! (Hint hint husband!) But aside from that and more practical items for our house (like blinds, but thats no fun!) I wasnt sure exactly what I wanted.

Then I remembered seeing some goodies on Instagram from people who I look up to, in terms of fitness and overall healthy lifestyle. Well what better gift for myself then something thats going to help me achieve my goals! I thought Id share the items with yall, in case anyone else was interested.

Christmas Wish List

6 Pack Fitness has this meal bag, sort of like a lunch box for superwoman (or supermoms)! I know that might sound kind of lame at first but really, its very popular and gotten wonderful reviews. The website description: The biggest innovation in meal management for the fitness elite. Fitness elite, I kinda like that! ;) Its a cooler bag that holds everything you need for up to 5 meals. When I go out of town, on vacation, or just to visit family I have always struggled with my nutrition. I fall right back into those old, familiar, unhealthy habits. Now I can plan out what my meals will be and stay on track! Plus, being a veggie eater, I dont know exactly what ingredients other people use when cooking meals. Something about I do not eat meat just doesnt click for some people, when someone cooks whatever and they say, “Oh you can just pick out the meat and still eat it” … say what?! Um noooo thank you! Ill just drink some water. Its a little bit of an investment but I think its so worth it because now Ill be able to fix my meals, know exactly whats in them, and stay on track with making healthier choices!

Blender Bottle shaker cup will make it easy for me to drink my protein drinks on the go. No need to leave the house hungry because I can simply take my drink with me. No need to tote my blender around like a crazy person whenever I go out of town! Lol. Blender Bottle makes snack jars so I can also take snacks wherever I go. These containers will make it so much more easy and no squashing my snacks in a zip lock bag! These two items are much more reasonably priced so if you cant swing the 6 Pack Fitness bag then you can at least get these.

Finally, I had to feed my Vera Addiction with this Emily Satchel in Emerald Paisley. :D

I know the New Year is usually the time when people start thinking about losing weight, being a better version of themselves, getting healthy and all that jazz .. but why not start now! This year my Christmas Wish List are gifts that will help support my goals. (Plus a Vera bag because why not! Haha)

Set goals. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! 

Dont turn your goals into a wish.

Dont turn your goals into a wish.

Trying to feed a family of 4 and having everyone being happy with what I fix is kind of difficult! Of course there is the challenge of fixing non-meat food that the meat eaters will like. I use to try and have a separate entree for them but now with the baby, I dont have time for all that!! So either the husband grills some kind of animal, they fix themselves a ham sandwich, or they eat what I eat. (They are thrilled when we visit back home because my mama and mother in law will spoil them with all kinds of meat dishes!)

One fool proof, non meat dinner Ive found everyone loves is tortellini! Its so yummy delish! If you can find it, I recommend getting the kind filled with spinach (hello, extra veggies!) instead of just cheese. Plus, the time it took me from dumping the pasta into the pot to serving it was about 20 mins. Score! Serve it with some kind of green veggie (broccoli or sweet peas) and maybe some garlic bread, if youre feeling froggy! And on cold days when youre in the mood for some extra warm comfort food, you can cook a pot of veggie soup and throw it in there for an extra hearty meal.

For this, I used the veggies I had on hand. So use what you have/like. The recipe is versatile. The beans give it a little extra protein in place of the meat.

Veggie Tortellini

Tortellini noms

Tortellini noms

  • 1 16-ounce package dried tortellini
  • 3 hand fulls of fresh baby spinach leaves, chopped
  • 4 large garlic cloves, chopped
  • 1 can diced tomatoes
  • 1 can great northern beans, drained
  • 3 heaping tablespoons of jarred pesto, less or more to taste
  • basil and crushed red pepper flakes to sprinkle on top

Cook tortellini in large pot of boiling salted water, per the box instructions, being careful to not over cook. Drain tortellini, reserving some of the pasta water in the pot. Add canned tomatoes and canned beans. Cook on low until warm. Add chopped spinach, pesto, and herbs, along with salt and pepper to taste.  If more sauce is desired, add a little more pasta water.

If you have the ingredients you can add sauteed mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, olives. Whatever you like. It makes great left overs for the next day but any longer then that, I think the pasta starts to break down and its not as yummy.

Weigh in Wednesday

Its Hump Day! Everyone loves Hump Day, huh? ;D I do! Sometimes I feel like Im talking to myself here. I know my best friend reads this (Hey Julie!) and the husband does as well (I just ordered a new Vera Bradley purse, honey. Merry Christmas to meee!) but Im not sure if to many other people care to hear me ramble on about weigh ins? Lol. Ill continue to do so because its good accountablity, we all need a little encouragement sometimes.

Its weigh in time. I use to hate that stupid scale and want to stab it (stabstabstab) but now Im more curious to see what it says. I only step on it on Wednesdays because I also like to measure my progress in other areas.. I will fit into my favorite skinny jeans and top again.

I wil!

I will! I cant wait to rock this again!

I had been doing just straight cardo at the gym, with a little weight training and Zumba thrown in. This past week I started a new home workout, its a lot like yoga but better! Ill write a review up after Ive had some more time with it but so far I think its a great addition to my routine. Even the hubby said he wants to do today’s work out with me (this should be fun to watch, bahhahaha, Ill try and get a pic)! I am interested in dropping lbs and I know thatll happen if I max out on cardo. However, I want to look good, not just be a smaller, flabbier version of myself. Weight training and stretching are also important legs of the fitness stool. (Get it? Like a 3 legged stool, you need all three components to get great results.)

So yeah, Im at 201.1 as of this morning. I wanted to get under 200 by Christmas and it looks like Ill get there! WooHoo! It feels great to not only hit a goal but to also smash it. I need to figure out what my reward will be.

Purple hair, anyone?

Yes please!

Yes please!

What’s so different now?

I’m writing this while laying in bed beside my sweet sleeping baby boy. His little snores like a lullaby! Trying to decompress from the day, face washed, contacts out, messy hair down, and blogging instead of sleeping myself. The other kids are also asleep and husband playing video games while I listen to my little guy’s soft lulls.


It’s moments like this when I can’t help but to look back on where I’ve come and imagine where I might go. In terms of my fitness lifestyle, it use to be nonexistent. I grew up on McDonalds Happy Meals and Pizza Bagel Bites for dinner, cheese sandwiches with Gushers for lunch, and Fudge Cakes and Poptarts for breakfast. My only physical exercise being the occasional bike ride.

I had a bad foundation, no tools to help me develop healthy habits, and never learned things like moderation or self control (as a child I once ate so many french fries at one time that literally made myself sick, throwing up). It led to having a love/hate relationship with food in high school, eating nothing during the day except gum and the occasional meal, then sneaking junk at night after my parents had gone to bed.

I got married at 18 and moved away to start a house of my own. We will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary in a few days, we’ve come a long way! And it’s been FREAKIN HARD to break all of those bad habits I use to have! So hard, in fact, that I had my share of failed attempts at dieting and for a good long while I put my health on the back burner to all my other trillion responsibilities.

What’s so different now?
My main drive is that I’ve faced the fact that if I dont change, I would be teaching my children these same habits. All of the frustration I’ve had, I wouldn’t wish these to become their struggles as well. Plus, I dont want to push my insecurities off onto my little girl. Would I ever accept someone beating her down for how she looks? Of course not! So why then would I do that to myself. I am fearfully and wonderfully made, at 100lbs and 200lbs!

And really, I’m done with the excuses. And laziness. Im tired of the many excuses I use to give myself. I’m frustrated with my old pattern of starting and then stopping. Quitting when things start to get hard. I’m not getting any younger, I feel like I’ve waisted most of my 20’s being so insecure and worrying about what people think.

Of course I get discouraged at times. Like Black Friday shopping this year and not being able to find one cute outfit. I even posted a Facebook pitty party status about it. Well, I can go home, pout that “I’m still fat” and drown my emotions in ice cream. Or I can recognize that I have done an awesome job these past two years, realize that I have farther to go, and let that motivate me to keep at it!

When I’m struggling, pray and ask God for the strength because my drive ultimately comes from Him. I can’t wait to see where that determination will get me! I hope my children can look at me one day and be proud of the example I gave them. And to God’s glory maybe even impact someone else out there who might be struggling too. You’re not alone. I know what it’s like, I’m right here with you <3


Weigh in Wednesday

Another Wednesday is here! I wasn’t looking forward to this one, the Wed after Thanksgiving… How’d you do over tgiving break? What’d ya eat? How much did you eat? (that’s a better question!) Did you know that they say, “According to research from the Calorie Control Council, the average American may consume more than 4,500 calories and a whopping 229 grams of fat during a typical holiday gathering from snacking and eating a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with turkey and all the trimmings.” Yikes! I don’t know if mine was that bad but I do know my mother’s macaroni n cheese, cheddar biscuits, white rice, corn, and green bean casserole was delish! And the dessert.. Chocolate Pecan Pie.. Oh yes I did! Hahaha. But it was Thanksgiving Day not Thanksgiving Week! Just one day. So indulging in some goodies while still maintaining self discipline is perfectly acceptable. When trying to lose weight, I’ve found restricting will only lead to benge eating. Not healthy nor helpful!


I did enjoy my tgiving break! Yummy food but I didn’t make it to a gym, I managed to workout at home (I’ll blog next about workouts you can do from home, no equipment required). Which leads me to the week’s weigh in. My scale this morning .. I’m down 2 more pounds at 202.2 lbs. WOOP!

Weigh in Wednesday

Well it is Wednesday! ;) So I guess I’m back to my weekly blog weigh ins!
It’s hard to pick a time to start tracking. I could go with what I weighed after I gave birth, almost 5 months ago. But that’s all “baby weight” so I’m not going to count that. Lol! After the babe I lost a little but then stalled out. I wasn’t really trying and had fallen back into a lazy routine. I started going to the gym but wasn’t doing much else. Meh. I was busy! And tired! And did I say busy?! Two kids and a new born! Crazy is more like it!

But then my gym started a holiday challenge… Lose 10 lbs between Nov an Jan! Win a free tshirt and win a chance at 3 free months. Score! I love a competition so I signed up. Imma win me that tshirt! ;)

The very end of October I went in to be weighed … And … //sad face// I was NOT happy with what I saw. I was honestly expecting the number to be smaller. I’m not sure why, but unrealistically I would have liked to see that I had dropped all of that baby weight and was back to my normal self. You know. Like those women. But I am NOT like those women … and the scale read 218lbs.

Not fun!

Since then I have consistently worked out. Kept a log of what I’ve been eating. And overall been more mindful about my health. And guess what.. IT WORKS!

I’m down 14lbs since the first weigh in Oct 30th!!! YES! Im stoked and can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds.


So this Thanksgiving, I am very much thankful for my health!

The baby is taking a nap, my threenager is distracted with Daniel Tiger, and my big kid is taking a History test.. so I have a little free time. Time for a BLOG! :) Those of you with children know all too well the *joys* of your kids having access to cartoons. They can be a blessing (aka babysitter, lol) when you need to get things done. Trying to be productive with kids running abound is nearly impossible. So yes, I needed some quiet time yesterday & I let PBS Kids babysit my toddler. (No shame either, any SAHM will tell you shes done the same thing or shes lying!) However, I ended up having these ridiculously annoying kiddy songs stuck in my head for the entire day! “I love to spell! S-p-e-l-l! I really love to spell.. s-p-e-l-l” And anytime I had to use the bathroom, “If you have to go potty stop and go right away! Flush and wash and be on your way!” Gee thanks, Daniel Tiger, thanks for the potty training reminder. ;)

Ive been trying to up my intake of water. “They” say to drink half of your body weight of water in oz. Thats a bunch of water! And thanks to all that water, I sang that dumb potty song at least 50 times yesterday. (And in true toddler form, when I use the bathroom the threenager likes to tear the toilet paper for me because, as she sings, “You can be a big helper in your family!“)  This is a good site that gives details about water consumption. As a nursing mom who works out every day its most defiantly important to get all my oz in to replenish what I loose. Plus water is fantastic for your skin.. Who wants pimplie, dull, wrinkled, saggy skin?! Not this girl! I like to drink a glass of water first thing in the morning, a glass before eating any meal, a glass during my meals, and a glass when I think Im hungry. A big problem I have is that my natural default when Im bored, relaxing watching tv/movies, or on the computer is to snack. Often times I dont want a healthy snack. Whats better then a little crunchy snack? Water! I also drink a glass of water when I feel like snacking out of boredom.  After you get into the habit, it gets easier so that you dont have to be constantly be tracking how many glasses. I started out with using my favorite HUGE Twilight cup to drink out of, one cup full of that thing is a ton of oz in one sitting.

Yes I am a dork!

Yes I am a dork!

If youre one of those people who like to use the excuse that you dont drink enough because you dont like the taste, or even if youre getting bored with just plain water.. You can always make fruit infused water. Healthy and super yummy! I got my pitcher from Target a few years ago but you can order them from Amazon. Cold water, some ice, and your fav fruits! Easy. And if you let it sit over night itll taste even better.

Infused water is yummy and pretty!

Infused water is yummy and pretty!

So go drink up! Bottoms up yall!

“If you have to go potty stop and go right away….”

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