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Guess Who Rocks?


I just love waking up in the mornings, getting on the scale, and seeing the number less then what it was the day before!!! Even if it’s just by a pound. Any loss is a good loss!! Since this weeks’s weigh in I’ve lost 2 more pounds. 🙂 Now of course I know that our bodies naturally flux by 2-3 lbs but still, this mama is excited!

No Longer Scared of the Scale

No Longer Scared of the Scale

During the son’s karate practice yesterday I decided to go walk around the mall. Get some more “exercise” in the form of window shopping. Lol. It was right before dinner time and I was starting to get hungry. Of course it’s my luck that the cookie shop were baking fresh cookies, Chick-FIL-A was cooking fresh fries, AND the pizza place was baking pizza. I walked by them, oh they smelled so good! Months ago I’m sure I would have stuffed my face with some fried thing from ChickFilA but *not* now! 🙂 I resisted. From now on I’ll bring some healthy snacks with me and a bottle water for when I’m out.. That way if I do start to get hungry I’m not tempted to grab something naughty.

When I got home last night, I made this very delish soup! Even the husband said he really liked it and didn’t miss the no-meat. Score! It was so simple. I cooked 1 1/2 cups of Whole Foods Rice Mix (brown rice, wild rice, and lentils). Added 4 cups of veggie stock. Added all of the left over veggie dinner from the nights before. Cooked all of it on low for about 10 mins. Made some toast. And dinner was served. That was the easiest dinner ever! So a tip– if you have veggie left overs, turn it into soup. Heres a pic…

The Soup

The Soup

Oh and one last thing, the jeans that I wore yesterday at the mall …. I was constantly pulling them up because they are getting too big!! Holla!!! 😀 Have a great weekend y’all. I’m sure I will. Woot!




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  1. That’s so awesome!! Now I’ve got to get off my booty and hit the gym! 🙂 proud of you!!

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