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Its Finally Here?

Saturday was the first day of FALL! Finally, fall is here! And it actually felt like fall here. The weather was perfect so the fam and I enjoyed the weekend outside. We discovered a new park in town and the playground is built like a fort. Its a kid’s dream! (Except for the jerks that graffitied some of the equipment. Punks!) If you want to feel like a kid again go to the park and play around. Im not ashamed to admit that I had way too much fun swinging and sliding. The child wanted me to play and run around with him. When we got to the slide I was thinking, theres no way Im going to be able to fit into that thing! (It was one of those tunnel slides) How embarrassing it would have been if I attempted to get into that thing and then got …stuck… or something! Even the child asked me if I was going to be able to fit into it… Gee, thanks kiddo. I love you too! But nope, I had plenty of wiggle room and made it all the way down just fine. TYVM. 😛 Oh and of course I brought my camera. (The child is at the stage where he doesnt really like to get his picture taken, so I didnt get any of him. Its like pulling teeth to make him cooperate.) Here are a few pics:



The Hubby swinging with the babe

The Hubby swinging with the babe

Sunday was the usual day for us, church and out to eat for lunch. That afternoon I started a craft. Im making a wreath for my mom and me. Ill make a post later about that when Im done. You kno, to show off my wonderful work! 😉 I also did some fundraising, the child is selling coupon books for his school. They bring 5 books home at a time and if they sell those 5 then they get 5 more to sell. The child wants to sell 20 in order to win the prize of a limo ride to a pizza restaurant. 20 freakin books! I dont know if we will be able to do that, I might end up buying most of them for him. Haha. Actually, I dont even know if we will buy one. Its mostly for fast food places and we never go anymore. Anyways, we walked around the neighborhood yesterday selling those books. Now, I think my kiddo is very cute! How could you say no to this face…



Thats My Boy!

Thats My Boy!

… we did end up selling all 5 books but it took us forever! Seriously, you dont have 10 bucks to buy a coupon book from this handsome kid whos doing a fundraiser for his christian school?! (Anyone want to buy a coupon book? Lol.)

It was a week ago yesterday that I made my Why So Wasteful post. I wanted to give a quick update. The goal was to stop being such a wasteful person, with regards to food. Cook the food that I have at home, not let the fresh foods get bad, stop running to the grocery store 50 billion times a week even when I have food in my pantry. We did end up going to the grocery store yesterday but only bought creamer (a requirement from the husband for his coffee), bread, and milk. I bet I still can get away with not buying anymore groceries until the weekend! I have a bunch of pasta, I have a feeling that by the end of the week we will have noodles coming out our ears! I bought an italian pasta cook book from books-a-million the other week (on sale for $10 and it was $40.. score!) and am excited to use it. Ill post recipes to any delish meals I make.

until then… have a great week!


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