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Hey-O! 🙂

Ive noticed that its been awhile since Ive posted any recipes. Well, you are in luck, because this blog is going to be full of recipes!! 😀 Im usually not one for planning my meals and end up going to the grocery store a few times a week. The nearest grocery store is just -ok-. Nothing fancy and it usually lacks some of the fresh veggies that I like to use, plus the organic section is practically non existent! (That doesnt make grocery shopping fun.) The same can be said for the other grocery stores in my town. Meh…. However, 45 mins away is a Whole Foods!!

Inside of Whole Foods

Inside of Whole Foods

Yessss. I love WF with their huge produce selections, fresh prepared foods, organic options, whole body section, and the bins. Oh the items in their bulk bins! WF gets me excited for healthy meal planning and hunting down those fresh ingredients. What I love most is that they have so many different food items, things Ive never even heard of before, it gets me excited to try new dishes. It makes me feel good, knowing that Im fixing healthy meals for my family. (No frozen pizza, no hamburger helper, no chicken nuggets, no prepackaged junk.) Oh and you might have the misconception that WF and similar grocery stores are too expensive, but you would be wrong. Its not too expensive for a veg! Calculate all the money you spend on meat… youre saving all that money and it can now be spent towards high quality, fresh, local, and organic produce.

So for this week, heres my meal list:

If you click on the titles you’ll get redirected to the recipes. Come join me for a yummy week of veg food!!! Tomorrow Ill make a blog for the Spaghetti Squash. (I cooked that last night and it was so good!)





Comments on: "Are You Hungry? Weekly Meals" (3)

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  2. Thanks for linking up my spicy black beans recipe!

    • No problem! 🙂 it looks very good and *healthy*.
      I’m going to bake them in ramekins to make it look extra fancy. 😛 Lol (gotta love Target sales! 6 ramekins for $7.50!!!)
      I’ll prob serve them with a light salad. And roasted chicken (for my husband and son, who are not vegetarians).

      What a great recipe!!

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