New Blog, New Me

Its Weigh in Wednesday time! Week 8.

Yes it is Wednesday. Which means its Weigh In Day. Its also October 31st, Halloween… Today is also my birthday!!! Woohoo!

I turned 26 today. I had a great day. The husband and children were nice to me! No major breakdowns. Hahaha. My BFF Julie took me out last night for Chipotle dinner and a Skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks. My other BFF Stephanie was nice enough to repost a crazy pic of me on Facebook! Haha, she knows me too well. (She lives like 9 hrs away so we have to celebrate from a distance) I had Panera Bread for lunch. Delish!

That’s half a meditation veggie sandwich (add avocado, no onion and cucumber), half a bowl of creamy tomato soup, a bag of chips, diet Pepsi, and… a whole pumpkin muffin!!!

For dinner the husband and I took the children trick-or-treating downtown and then ate at a little Italian bistro. I had pasta with an extra virgin olive oil and garlic sauce, roasted tomatoes, artichoke hearts, spinach, and mozzarella cheese. (I didn’t take a pic).

I also had this… My Halloween candy stash. My childhood favs!


It was a great day!!! Now, to the point of this post. Today is Weigh In Wednesday. But I’m forgoing this week’s WIW. My Halloween Birthday means there are no calories, fat, sugar, or carbs. 😀 MuhHahahaha!!

I hope everyone’s Halloween rocked as much as mine did!! 🙂



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