New Blog, New Me

Guess Who’s Back?

Guess who’s back, back again.
Trystea’s back, tell a friend!!
Guess who’s back, guess who’s back?
Guess who’s back, guess who’s back?
Guess who’s back….


Arnt you happy! 🙂 I know I am. Oh how Ive missed blogging. And oh how you’ve missed lots of fun times! I decided to take a little break during the holidays but now that things have returned back to normal I can dedicate more time into the blogworld. But don’t worry, I did NOT take a break from my veg eating habits! In fact I did quite the opposite.

During the month of December I decided to go vegan! For many different reasons, and some are a little too personal to share with the entire world, but yeah.. I went vegan for the month. I thought I would miss cheese the most. Actually that could not be further from the truth. Once I decided to stop eating it I was totally fine! Went out for Mexican- no cheese! Eating Italian- hold the parm. Making a sandwich- leave the cheese off. Its really not THAT hard considering I was already saying no to so many other animal products. Ive gotten good at saying NO. You’d be surprised at how much you could care less about cheese after going without it. The only time I really missed it was during Christmas dinner, my mom made mac and cheese and I was thiiiis close to grabbing a fork and But I didn’t! That was the only time I craved cheese (Ill make a blog post later about how to deal with cravings and weakness).

Truth be told, I wasn’t 100% successful in trying vegan for the month. I did slip up with chocolate and sushi. I was more like 85 or 90% vegan. Meh. Im definitely going to lean more towards vegan eating but I don’t want to use the label “vegan”. I feel like if I was going to be vegan then I would need to reevaluate so many other things then just my food choices. Theres more to being vegan then just what you put in your mouth; like what you will put on your body, what companies you will support by buying their products, what kind of items you consume… So yeah. Im going “plant base”.

Plant Based Is Where Its At

Plant Based Is Where Its At

Unfortunately, I have to cut this blog entry short. My children need tending to; the child just broke his glasses and the baby keeps trying to climb into my lap and “type” on the keyboard (as in, bangs her little fingers on the keys). Tomorrow Ill post about how my working out is going!! Im most excited about this! WOOHOO! And Ive got some big workout news!

And btw, after taking 2 months off from my Wednesday Weigh Ins, I cant remember where I left off. AhHaha! I was counting from the weight I was at when I started my vegetarian diet and I cant remember that number either. Blah! To make it easier on myself, Im just going to start the weight loss count from my highest weight, when I delivered the baby. 😛 Im thiiiis close to being back to my prebaby weight. When I get there Im going to post pics and all my stats!!! Yikes! That’s right, youll know my numbers! So, stay tuned. Cuz Im sure that blog will be …fun…

Complete Loss: 39lbs


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  1. […] remember my post I made right after the holidays? (Here) I promised that when I got back down to my prebaby weight that I would post pics and stats. […]

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