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Can You Handle It?

I really do not feel like blogging right now, to say that I’m in a bad mood is a slight understatement. :/ But yesterday I said I would blog today about my exercising so here I am. Excuse if this post isn’t full of warm fuzzies. Blah! Who knows, maybe blogging will get my mind off my poor teething baby who has been constantly fussing tonight … which put the husband in a foul mood … and now I’m not a happy camper. Hey, at least the child is having a good night! Hes in heaven playing Starcraft2.

Anywho, exercise! I’m about to brag, so if you cant handle that then you prob shouldn’t read any further! 😛 After some pushing from a friend I decided to sign up for a 5K on New Years Eve. I had planned on doing the Couch-2-5K training program. I got through week 3 out of 6 buuut… then Thanksgiving came. And then Christmas. And then my race. Oops. Hahaha. So yeah, I only made it half way through training and by the time race day was here I had gone like a month without putting my running shoes on! Even though I was not exactly prepared I felt confident that I could run 3 miles!

The race was great! It was a midnight run on New Years Eve, how cool is that!!? Some might scoff at 5K’s but I was really excited that this was my first race. For me it meant starting 2013 off on the right foot (pun intended)! Im sure thousands of people make New Years resolutions to be healthier or skinner and prob by the time March rolls around they are 20 lbs heavier,  back to their normal habits. They have good intentions but things just don’t pan out. What a better way to start off a resolution of getting healthy then a race!! I was so proud of myself! While everyone else was out partying it up, getting drunk, whatever …. I was out running my bootay off!  🙂 And run I did!

Aside from crossing the finish line, the best part of the night was that the child decided to run with me!! He begged me to let him run with him and I said he could come but that we were NOT going to stop, give up, walk, or become quitters. The husband and baby were there on the side lines cheering us on. When we stood at the start line with about 200 other runners the feeling in the air was pure exhilaration! There was this … buzz surrounding the start line. You could feel it! From the first person to cross the finish line, to the last person. We all decided that on New Years Eve we were going to run 3.1 miles. It didn’t matter how old or young you were, how pretty, how rich or poor, how much you weighed, if you had a 6 pack or a 0 pack (lol!!). It didn’t matter if this was your first race (like me) or if this was your 100th race. The only thing that mattered was that we all were there to run into the New Year!

And guess what! I MADE IT! Not only did I make it- I didn’t stop, no walking, no quitting! About half way through the child got really tired and wanted to walk but I was able to encourage him to keep going! Looking back, it was so special that we ran together. He was able to see that dedication yields results and that quitting is NOT an option. I was the 153rd person to cross the finish line, at 43mins. Woohoo woohoo woohoo!!!!

Ill post pics of the night at the end of this entry.

Now onto the exciting news! Im going to be running my first half marathon in October, right before I turn 27. I went a bit crazy when looking at race schedules for this year and found 8 races that I want to run in! I might die trying, but hey, at least Im trying! Heres my race schedule:

  • Feb 9th– 5K Cupid’s Chase. Im hoping the husband and I can run this together! Instead of celebrating Valentines Day with the typical chocolates, flowers, dinner, and a movie we will be in a nice romantic race together! Lol!
  • March 30th– 5K Easter Bunny Run.
  • April 20th– 5K The Cause for Color. The child is dying to run another race with me!! This one will be perfect for him. It’s a fun color run. As in, as you run down the trail color bombs are thrown at you! By the time you cross the finish it looks like a giant rainbow has thrown up on you. I’m most excited about this one!!
  • May 4th– 10K Lake Hartwell Dam Run. Yes, my first 10K! The scenery should be beautiful as the train is at the lake. Yikes, 6 miles.
  • Aug 31st– 10K Midnight Flight. Another 10K. This race will be at midnight.
  • Oct 20th– Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon. Half marathon, here I come!
  • Nov- 5K Thanksgiving Trot (date not scheduled yet)
  • Dec 31th- 5K New Years Eve Resolution Run.

So there ya go! Ive also started back with yoga, an hr a day. I think it will help keep my nice and stretched out. No injuries! I’m excited to see how much weight Ill loose with becoming so active. I cant wait!

Wanna join me?! 🙂

getting ready for the race

getting ready for the race

here we are waiting to START!

here we are waiting to START!



thumbs up for finishing

thumbs up for finishing


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