New Blog, New Me

So I cant promise that this blog post will make a lot of since, Im writing this while sitting in front of The Bachelor! Its really corny tonight but I cant not watch, its like a car accident. Apparently theres suppose to be some kind of xboyfriend drama. Oooh juicy! 🙂 BTW, this bachelor isn’t that cute. They could have done better…

This past Thursday was Valentines Day! Actually for me, it was more like Valentines Week. I was naughty! I bought the hubby a chocolate cake from Publix (a non-vegan cake) and ended up eating some. On top of that we ate out quite a bit.. Chipotle on Tuesday, Carrabbas on Thursday, Thai Spice on Saturday, and Mexican on Sunday! Yikes. Even though I ate vegan at all of these I managed to gain 2lbs. Im at 186lbs as of this morning. Its no surprise really! I def cannot pig out like that anymore. Lol. On top of that Ive been dealing with sickness and grumpy excessively clingy baby = very little exercise. And of course I had to hurt myself! Saturday I was chasing the baby and ran into the wall. AhHahaha. Funny now, not funny then! I kicked the fool out of the wall and now the right side of my foot and pinky toe is bruised. Not too painful today so I think I’ll be able to run tomorrow. YES! After I get done blogging I plan on doing some situps and whatnot while im watching TV. So at least today isn’t a complete bust.

I must say, even though I was a little glutinous this past week I still managed to rock it on my Valentine’s Day date! Skinny jeans, a silk blouse, skinny belt, and some sexy high heels! Of course I took a pic! And of course I have to post!

Not Too Shabby!

Not Too Shabby!

One way In getting back on track is that Im eating raw lunches for Lent. Now, Im Baptist and we usually don’t practice Lent but I almost always do. So far so good! Ive done salads with different toppings which keeps it interesting and not boring. ((A mama tip, those breastfeeding shouldnt/cant totally go raw. When you eat raw the toxins will go out of your body into your breast milk, which baby will then drink. So if you want to try raw only do it for one meal out of the day. And make sure youre eating enough calories throughout the day so your body can produce the milk.)) We are also going to be strict on our extra spending. No more going out to eat! I went to the grocery store today (70 bucks for this week’s groceries!!!) and have enough food so that we wont have to go out to eat. That’s huge for us, if I already have something planned for that night then Im not as likely to say to the hubby, You’ve got to take me out tonight!

But the things Im most excited about it that my dad made a bet with me. For every pound I lost he will give me $1. I have 60 more lbs to go until Im at my goal. Im excited to be $60 richer! And I made a ‘bet’ with myself that when Im at 175lbs Im going to get my hair did! Ombre is all the rage right now in hair color, I really want a new cut (maybe bangs??) and obmre color! If not ombre then def go a mahogany color. Itll be HOT!

Thats ME!

HEY!! 🙂 Thats ME!

This cut but a bit longer.

This cut but a bit longer.

Mahogany Color?

Mahogany Color?

Ombre Color?

Ombre Color?



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