New Blog, New Me

Woohoo! Im back to the blogging grind! Time for Weight in Wednesday.

Im happy to say that Im down a pound since my last (official) weigh in. 184lbs as of this morning. I like to go in increments of 5 pounds so I dont feel so overwhelmed… 4 more lbs until Im at 180. That feels good! I am seeing a little change in the way clothes are fitting. I was in JC Penny the other day trying some summer dresses on. They looked good on but I cant wait until things start looking great!! You know youre a skinny gal when you start getting trendy clothing catalogs in the mail… I got an EXPRESS catalog in the mail today (how did they know I was getting my skinny on?! Lol).  I keep visualizing what Im going to look like over the summer, total motivation to keep.going.!

Speaking of motivation. Today was a run day. Yikes, it did not go well. I have allergy problems and have been fighting a sinus attack for about a week. Today my allergies about killed me. I started my run with a runny nose, as I ran it just got worse (not a pretty sight!!). Half way through I got a killer sinus headache. Ugh I was a mess. And Im sure I looked ridic, I know my form crap!! I had to stop and I ended up walking the rest of the way. Eh. Def not ideal & although Im a bit bummed that I didnt have a fab run,  at least I finished my time and didnt just quit. I feel like I did a good job. Failure would have been me not attempting a run at all..  sitting on my couch in my PJs, watching the Maury Povich show (my daytime guilty pleasure show. hahaha), stuffing my face full of Oreos (which, btw, are vegan, a fact I wish I could forget)!!

This blog post is for the crappy run days.To remind myself that…
A crappy run day is better then no run day at all!

Its True!

Its True!

Weight Loss This Week: 1 lbs
Complete Loss: 43lbs


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