New Blog, New Me

This post will be short and sweet…Im pressed for time.

You know you need to lose weight when your 7 year old calls you fat! Yup, the child called me out. Happened the other week, him and I were wrestling around in the livingroom. He stops and says, mama youre kinda fat. //Thanks for that, dear son.// That makes me feel Heh. Thankfully I dont see myself as fat, nor do I talk like that about myself or other people. Well, because thats just not nice… and I dont want my children seeing a mother whos unhappy, constantly putting herself down, putting others down, and putting that negativity out there. I most def do not want them walking around with that kind of internal dialogue! Today’s society screams at you that youre not enough… not pretty enough, not skinny enough, not strong enough, or smart enough. They dont need to see me doing that to myself!!! Anywho, so when the child called me fat I just brushed it off. Thankfully, my hubby knows me enough to see that it did sorta bother me so he took the child aside and told him how thats not nice, even in a playful way its not something to joke about. So then a little later the son comes back to me, apologizes and then ends by saying, “Mama, I dont think you are fat… but you are a little chubby. I still love you though!!!”

Ah…. out of the mouths of babes! 😉

So that leads me to today’s blog. One of my lovely and strong mama friends dared me to do the P90X Challenge… to do P90X for 90 days straight, 6 days a week, only 1 rest day, with no cheating!!! No.cheating. Noooo.cheating!! Originally I was going to do it for money but the bet sorta fell through … but I couldnt stop thinking about it! So I decided to bet myself! 🙂 Complete the P90X Challenge and at the end of the 90 days Ill come away lighter (I hope to lose 20-ishlbs), sexier, and Im going to treat myself to some Very Bradley! 😀 WooHoo!! Specifically, these goodies in Plum Crazy: the Convertible Crossbody purse, the Beach towel, and the Large Mesh Tote. Ive been eyeing them for a while and this is the perfect way to justify buying them. Hehehe. Beach-gear for a hot beach-bod!

Today was Day 1. Core Synergistics. It was hard but not impossible. Im most def looking forward to gaining strength in my t-rex arms & losing this tummy! Bring on the beach bod!


The Convertible Crossbody

Convertible Crossbody


Large Mesh Tote

Large Mesh Tote

Beach Towel

Beach Towel



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