New Blog, New Me

Oh my. Im almost too tired to type this blog right now. Today is day 3 of P90X. Its been 3 days… how can a person be so sore after only working out for 3 days straight?! Last night I was so sore it was hard for me to relax enough to go to sleep. Ah! Sore is good tho, sore means its working!!! Woot! I just need to remind myself this in a couple of weeks when I feel like Im going to die! Lol.

Actually, one of the ladies in my workout support facebook group posted this saying. I wonder if its true??! I shall see….

Time To Get Stronger!!

Time To Get Stronger!!

As far as this week’s Weigh In goes. I have some exciting news! Im saying good.bye. to the 180’s forever! … This morning Im at 179lbs. Thats a 2lb loss from last week. Man, Im so stoked! 179lbs may not be a big deal to some but it is for me… 2 more pounds and Ill be at -50lbs, which is halfway to my goal! Im really looking forward to the 160’s. I havent been in the 160’s since I delivered the child *and that was over 7 years ago*! Im hoping to lose 20lbs by the time Im done with P90X, I think thats a very reasonable goal. Its all about baby steps. It’s overwhelming to think, “Well Dang! I have 100lbs to lose!” Its almost impossible to find the motivation to get moving when you are staring up at that HUGE mountain youve got to climb. But if you think in 20 or even 10 pounds, something thats totally more manageable, then you get excited to hit that mark! Keep your eyes focused on the next hill (or even rock!) and then before you know it, youre on the other side of that mountain… Im almost at the top of my mountain and I could not be more excited and proud of myself!

I can and will do this!

I can and will do this!

Weight Loss This Week: 2 lbs
Complete Loss: 48lbs


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  1. Congratulations!

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