New Blog, New Me

Woohoo. Another week passes, another weigh in down. I didnt lose any pounds this week, still at 179lbs. But! Thats OK. Im not stressin over it. I did fantastic with my first week in P90X. Today is Week 2 day 3 and Im really sore. When is this soreness suppose to go away?! It feels like Ill never stop hurting. No pain, no gain. Eh? I killed the Kenpo dvd! That felt great and is by far my fav workout. The weight lifting workouts are my least fav because they are kinda boring! But I bet I wont feel that way 2 months from now when my arm muscles are more defined.

Ive had a few people ask me if its as hard as it seems… Its as hard as you make it… I can but very little effort into the workout, fly through it, and finish it with no problem. Or I can work out hard, drip sweat, and feel like Im going to die. I choose the latter. Why spend the time messing around if youre just going to goof off?! You wont see results that way. Im not just doing it to say that I did it, Im doin it because I want a super sexy bod at the end of the 90 days! 😉 I wouldnt recommend doing P90X if you really dont think you will work out every day! Tony Horton is cray! But there is a method behind the madness. If youre skipping work out days you might as well just quit. And I am.not.a.quitter.

Actually, this Saturday Im running in my 2nd race. Its a fun color 5K run. The child and a friend of mine will be going with me. Im really pumped! (Lots of pics to come! Im sure we will look ridic!) Then that afternoon my BFF’s hubby, who is a 2nd degree black belt Kenpo karate instructor, has graciously offered to let me take a class with him. I want to learn how to throw punches and kicks with the proper form. (2nd degree black belt, how kickbutt does that sound!!!) And then the next Saturday, the 23rd Ill be running in another 5K race, that one is super important to me (Ill give details later). So yeah, busy girl! Maybe next Wed Ill have better weight loss success.

The main reason Im not bumbed about the lbs this week is because I have fab news! I tried some of my old clothes on and they fit! Like, they are inches too big! I didnt believe it, I was shocked. It started with me trying on my Easter dress from last year because I wanted to see if I needed to buy a new one for this year, or if I could get away with wearing that one. Well yeah, theres no way Ill be able to wear it! And then I tried on my other summer clothes from last year… its all to big! WOOT! unfortunately, the clothes I have that are a smaller size are still too small.. but just by a tad so thats more encouragement for me to keep going. Just Keep Going!

Easter Dress '12

Easter Dress ’12

Too Big... YES

Too Big… YES

Yeah, skirt it too big too!

Yeah, skirt it too big too!

Weight Loss This Week: 0 lbs
Complete Loss: 48lbs


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