New Blog, New Me

How many people do you think have given themselves a concussion while working out?! Well I can say Im one of the few that have! Lol. I can see the headlines now: “Woman’s Quest to get Healthy Ends in Tragedy; Death by Resistance Band” Watch out, those resistance bands will get ya. In a previous blog I said Id tell yall about how the bands attacked me, well here ya go…

Yeah, it hurt!

Yeah, it hurt!

I had been using my resistance bands for the pull-ups (my little arm muscles arnt strong enough to do a ‘real’ pull-up yet), you attach the band onto your pull up bar or onto the top of a door, get down into a lunge, and then pull down on the band. Its a great option for those of us who cant do the real thing. I guess I was going it the wrong way (??) because when I pulled down the band SNAPPED off.Stupid band.The band part hit me on top of my head, where my hair line is, and on the tops of my shoulders, & the handle hit me in my right eye.

I don’t remember too much, just getting set up to do the exercise and then I woke up, me sprawled out on my back, and my niece standing over me. I was really confused and dizzy, my head and eye hurt really bad, and had that weird buzzz sound in my ears. Thankfully she was in the living room with me so she was able to help me out, she got me some ice for my head, helped me sit up, and then of course…. laughed at me & took a pic of me in my disabled state! 😛

See the red welt? (PS, my arm is lookin pretty good!!! nice and skinny!)

An after pic. See the red welt? (PS, my arm is lookin pretty good!!!)

The band left a crazy welt on my arms and gave me a knot on my head. and I was still kinda wobbly the next day but aside from that I was fine! The hubby says I can use my concussion as an excuse for whenever I do something weird/crazy now. LOL. (Me act crazy, never!!)

Im pretty clumsy anyways.. Im always cutting myself from chopping veggies, I run into stuff, drop stuff, banging my knee into things (omgosh that hurts so bad!!), stumping my toe. Its a miracle that I have never had a bad injury and never broken a bone!

I think Ill stick to doing pull-ups the normal way. Of course that means using a chair as support.. watch me kick the chair from under myself and dislocate my shoulder! Oh goodness, I hope I didn’t just jinx myself! 😛


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