New Blog, New Me

Dude, Ive got to start using my blog for more then just weigh ins and the occasional chat post! I was going to post this weigh in yesterday, but it was late and I didn’t think anyone would read it.

I was struggling this week. Just annoyed at my ‘slow’ progress (or so I thought.. but really, any progress is better then no progress). After a mini breakdown I was able to snap myself out of my bad mood. When your trying to lose weight its really easy to start comparing yourself to others.. look at others who are more fit and get yourself down because youre not there yet. But several of my friends reminded me that Ive kicked butt so far! I will continue to kick butt! And I should be proud of what Ive accomplished. To quote her, Jenn said “If you dont take the time to appreciate what you have done already, you will be overly critical and fall back into old habits. Just enjoy what you have done and keep it up.”

That’s some good stuff, huh! I thought so too! I am overly critical and don’t give myself enough credit. I also am focusing too much on the scale. Since this time last month Ive only managed to lose 5 lbs (which I was annoyed about) BUT I did lose 3 inches off my waist. I guess Im losing fat and building muscle which is why the scale hasn’t been more friendly to me.

Speaking of, the scale yesterday read 173! Good bye another 2 lbs! What really helped me get my head back into it was planning my meals out & counting calories. Now I know, counting cals is no fun.. I hate math! But I downloaded the MyFitnessPal app and it really is easy! Now I can see where my nutrition is going and how I can improve. I plan the days food out the night before, that way I can make sure Im getting everything. Im still having problems hitting my calorie goal, I tend to eat not enough calories (maybe that’s also why the lbs haven’t been flying off??) but all of the other aspects of my nutrition are great. My vit levels are through the roof!! Really, if you want to lose weight log what you eat for a few days so then you can see where your at. Maybe theres somewhere you could be doing better at? For me, its upping my cal intake but not at the expense of fat, and making sure I get enough protein!

Just an idea of where Im at, here are my numbers from today and consuming 1400 calories:

And because I was curious, heres what my normal day would have been before going veg. Yeah… eating 2530 calories with no exercise!
(I ate like that all the time, no wonder why I gained so much weight!)

And finally, heres a visual of what that did to me! (Side note, I never ever took full body pics so Im surprised that I have this. And I hate showing it but its helpful for me to see the difference. Maybe itll be helpful to someone else too?)

This is me today @ 173lbsafter1

This is me summer of 09. I think (??) right around 190lbs.

Weight Loss This Week: 2 lb
Complete Loss: 54lbs
Weight: 173lbs


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