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Yes you heard me right. Carrot. Dog. Like..  a hot dog but made with a carrot. And no, Im not crazy! ;)

I have been avoiding hot dogs, of course, since becoming veg… Im not a fan of those fake meats. Really, whats the point? Go ahead and eat the real thing! So no ‘hot’ dogs for me, which is fine because I wasn’t really a big hot dog person anyways. But! But there are times when you get a craving for a good dog and you gotta have it! One of the ladies in my facebook vegan mamas group posted this recipe for a carrot dog. I thought shed gone crazy! Carrot dog?! No way would that be good!

But then… weeks later I got a craving for a hot dog! Being vegan, well I wasn’t going to give into it. Yesss, veg me still gets cravings sometimes for animal products, but I just ignore it, or in this case, find a veg alternative! :) So I tried this carrot dog recipe and Uh huh. Its GOOD!

Carrot Dog Recipe
I cannot claim the recipe as my own, I pretty much followed the original recipe to a T. Of course I used whole wheat buns. And I used my fav dog toppings. I served it with oven baked sweet potatoes “fries” and veg baked beans.

I know it sounds weird, but read the reviews on the original recipe, everyone is raving about it! When you try it, and love it, just rememberI told you so! ;)

My Yummy Carrot Dog

My Yummy Carrot Dog

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