New Blog, New Me

So I realized that I’m off on my weeks! Since I started the blog I think I’m on week 31.. Somehow I got off on my counting. Oops! πŸ˜€ I’ll fix it next week. I’m rushing right now to get this post done. I’ve got to work out! I’m shooting for 5:30am workouts but I don’t always get up that early. Hey, life happens!

Super quick post. I’m 175 this morning. Whaaaat, that’s a +2 from last week. Eh, that’s ok. Maybe that’s 2lbs in muscle?! πŸ˜‰ Lol. Actually, I’m not letting my number get me down because I am literally shrinking in my clothes! Nothing fits. My jeans are ill fitting, the shirts are big. I went to Kohls over the weekend, I’m in size medium in most shirts and almost comfortably in a 14 pant. My wedding rings and college ring are so big that I have to be careful to not have them fall off.

Good problems to have! Very good!

So what’s a +2 gain this week, it’s nothing!! πŸ™‚


Weight Loss This Week: + 2 lb
Complete Loss: 52lbs
Weight: 175lbs


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