New Blog, New Me

This is going to be very short yet sweet!
How is it Thursday?! I woke up thinking it was Wednesday..oops! šŸ™‚

Here in South Carolina summer is in full swing. Which includes… Allergies! Those lovely allergies, gotta love em! Heh. Going out this afternoon totally gave me an allergy attack. Itchy eyes, runny itchy nose, itchy throat, and a killer sinus headache. Its hard for me to think straight. And the hubby is out watching Star Treck (punk! I wish that were me. Lol) so I’ve got kid duty.
Someone come save me!

Weigh in. I’m down another inch around the belly! Woohoo!! I can really see the change. Finally! I’m 172 so that’s down 2 lbs from last week. Score, I’ll take that!

I have some recipes I’ve been meaning to post, raw dishes that are bright, summery, and delish! Stay tuned…


Comments on: "Do you know what time it is?" (1)

  1. Katie Nelson said:

    Way to go on losing inches!!

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