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What Time Is It?

It’s Weigh in Wednesday time! And I’ve lost a whopping -1 lbs since last week. Bah. Lol. I’m not sure what’s up with that. 178! I need to be going doooown the 170’s, not up! Lol. Annoyed but not letting it get to me. Maybe it’s all the muscle I’m building from my new CrossFit workouts? šŸ˜€ Wishful thinking, anyone? Im at the point where I don’t even care what the stupid scale says. How I feel and look in clothes, what my measurements say, and how Ive progressed in my workouts are more important to me.

Why you may ask?
Because … I know I’m beautiful.

See! šŸ˜›


I don’t think 170’s look too bad on me šŸ˜‰


While I’d love to say I’m a skinny mini in the 120’s, I’d rather say I’m sexy strong in the 140’s. It’s all about perception, I suppose. What’s your idea of beauty? Is it just about what the scale says? (Only girls under 130lbs are beautiful… Or some crap like that!) NO!

And anyways, the scale can be deceiving! On Facebook I follow a kick butt fit chick named Anabelle, who’s lost over 100lbs @ Anabelle’s Clean Eating and Fitness Page .. She posted a pic of herself not too long ago and it totally clicked for me.. To stop letting the scale dictate what I find beautiful in myself.

Examples of why the scale isn’t the best measure of progress:

Not even a 5 lb difference between these pics. Say whaaaat!


And the biggest wake up call, in the before pic she was 140’s and in the after pic she’s 155!


Now that’s sexy strong! Rock it girl! ā¤

I'll still continue to do the weekly weigh-ins but I'm not going to use it as the primary way to measure my success to fitness. In effect, I'm divorcing my scale!

Goodbye sucka!



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