New Blog, New Me

What Time Is It?

Woah! This week has been crazy! We started homeschooling on Monday (right now the child is doing his work and the baby is playing with her stuffed animals). It’s going a lot smoother then I was expecting. I lost a pound! Woot!

I started my first “real” workouts in Crossfit. Today is a much needed rest day. If I had to work out today, my muscles would fall off!!!! Lol! I won’t go into what the exercises were, because if you and familiar with Crossfit then you won’t know what in the world I am talking about. But yeah, it was awesome and I’m pumped! I was really surprised at how well I did and I didn’t feel dead right after the workout. My coach said I could have pushed myself to go harder…

I guess I’ve always underestimated myself. I joke that I have weak little T-Rex arms but if that was true then I wouldn’t have been able to do anything! When you get to the point where you realize that something has got to need to lose weight, eat healthy, quit being so lazy, move your butt, get rid of all the junk’s like you’re too scared to start and fail so you don’t bother starting at all! It’s hard to get over that fear of I can’t do this. It’s the fear of failure that holds people back. When I was working out yesterday that insecure voice said, There’s no way I can real pull-ups so Im just going to go with modification and do the the easier move. Workout with a 35lb kettle bell, I can’t do that! So I’m going to use the lighter weight. But when I finished my workout I still had plenty of energy, I totally could have pushed myself more! I see myself as being too weak… Instead of trying to really push myself, potentially failing, I’m just going to go a little easy and play it safe.

WRONG!!! No one ever achieved greatness by giving into their fears. So from now on I’m not going to play it safe, I’m not going to listen to that little voice telling me I can’t do it so go easy, I’m not going to be scared of failing.


Current weight: 176lbs
Starting weight: 227lbs
Weight lost: 51lbs


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