New Blog, New Me

Whats Your Story?

I was stalking one of my favorite Fit Mama’s facebook, Anabelle’s Clean Eating and Fitness Page this morning when she posted her 100 pound weight loss transformation video!!! Woah! Its amazing and if you haven’t checked her page out, you must! (If only she was a vegan, then she’d be perfect, hehe)

Anywho, she inspired me to post my Transformation Tuesday pics! Ive lost half the weight that Anabelle, 50 lbs! Im hoping to say that by summer Ill be down to my goal, 50 more lbs! I don’t have the time to make a video right now so here are pics (I cant believe Im posting these before pics, usually Id hide them in a very dark place. Now Im rethinking making this blog post, Im feeling so anxious right now…).

You should look at the pics while you listen to … 😉


2 3   4 5    6


   9      11  12    13    15    17


20   21


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