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Would You Be Shocked?

Would you be shocked if I told you that I do not feel like working out today? In no shape or form do I want to go work out. I turned off my alarms and slept in this morning. I told myself that Id go to my box (aka Crossfit gym) once my hubby gets home but I really want to just.. skip it.  I didn’t get any sleep last night. And no, Im not being dramatic, I really got very little-no sleep. The baby (who, at 22 months old, is no longer a baby) did not sleep so I didn’t either. Her internal alarm clock woke her up at least once every hour. It was at 4:30am when I finally had to drag my butt to bed and asked my hubby to go deal with her. I got maybe 3 hours of sleep. Sleep and I use to get along so wonderfully, we were BFFs, but not any longer. Boo!

Ive been in a foul mood all day, trying to talk myself into vegging out. I know Ill be in a worse mood if I do that so Im left with no choice but to put on my gym clothes (which are waiting for me by my front door) once my hubby comes home and go Crossfit anyways. A good sleep schedule is vital for athletes; its commonly known that a pattern lack of sleep contributes to obesity, impairs your body’s ability to repair itself, and can cause you to crave those naughty foods … But whining and complaining about my lack of sleep wont do me any good. I feel fine, considering, so why not go kick some Crossfit butt?! Woot!

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