New Blog, New Me

Why rain? Why!

Today has been a pretty crappy day as far as the weather goes, it’s cold, raining and pretty dark. Perfect weather to curl up on the couch watching Bones marathon, eating some Cheetos, snuggled up in my favorite Clemson hoodie.
(Cheetos.. Uh. Did I just say Cheetos? Hahaha)
I had put all of the children down for a nap (yes ALL of them asleep!) and I was goofing around, looking at Facebook and stalking some of my favorite fitness gals on Instagram. After looking at their inspirational posts I decided to throw my clothes on and go to the gym! Rest day.. Nah! 45 minutes later and I’m done.

It must have been divine intervention because while driving back home my jam came on the radio!! Bruno Mars..I love me some Bruno Mars. He just released this new song and it’s perfect workout! Here is the link to the video. (But of course go watch it after you finish reading this, lol.) He is my fave and gets me pumped up.

So find someone who inspires you, take their lead, put on your favorite jam, and get after it. Go move your butt!

Oh a little pro tip for you … if you’re on the treadmill or elliptical and your beat drops, make sure you hold on or you might accidentally fall off. Woops!! 😀 Not like I have any experience or anything….


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