New Blog, New Me

Weigh in Wednesday

Well it is Wednesday! 😉 So I guess I’m back to my weekly blog weigh ins!
It’s hard to pick a time to start tracking. I could go with what I weighed after I gave birth, almost 5 months ago. But that’s all “baby weight” so I’m not going to count that. Lol! After the babe I lost a little but then stalled out. I wasn’t really trying and had fallen back into a lazy routine. I started going to the gym but wasn’t doing much else. Meh. I was busy! And tired! And did I say busy?! Two kids and a new born! Crazy is more like it!

But then my gym started a holiday challenge… Lose 10 lbs between Nov an Jan! Win a free tshirt and win a chance at 3 free months. Score! I love a competition so I signed up. Imma win me that tshirt! 😉

The very end of October I went in to be weighed … And … //sad face// I was NOT happy with what I saw. I was honestly expecting the number to be smaller. I’m not sure why, but unrealistically I would have liked to see that I had dropped all of that baby weight and was back to my normal self. You know. Like those women. But I am NOT like those women … and the scale read 218lbs.

Not fun!

Since then I have consistently worked out. Kept a log of what I’ve been eating. And overall been more mindful about my health. And guess what.. IT WORKS!

I’m down 14lbs since the first weigh in Oct 30th!!! YES! Im stoked and can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds.


So this Thanksgiving, I am very much thankful for my health!


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