New Blog, New Me

Where will 2015 lead me?

Its nearing midnight! Im kind of sad to say good bye to 2014, it was a wonderful year with lots of exciting events (the birth of our 3rd child, our 10th wedding anniversary, and buying our dream home for starters) but I guess with a new year comes new possibilities for success. A clean slate to accomplish all of the things that you didn’t previously get done. A chance to make new goals. I cant wait to kick some butt in 2015! This will be the last weigh in of 2014 and Im totally proud of where Ive come. The hardest part for me has always been getting started, finding the motivation and drive to want to change. 2014 was the year of change and I suppose 2015 will be the year of development.

I want to develop my new healthy habits into a long lasting lifestyle! Losing weight, dieting, exercising.. its all for nothing if its short lived! I think the more you have to fight for something, the more you appreciate getting to the finish line. I doubt I will ever arrive but its nice to have something to strive for. Goals are what drive me!

My ultimate goal is to help others! That’s what Im most excited about. Of course I cant wait to see my own personal success but my heart is with being able to have someone else see similar results. Maybe even convince a friend or two to become a vegetarian eat less meat! That would rock! That’s what this blog is about, really. Not just my silly weigh in Wednesdays. Im going to focus more on helpful posts, along with the Wednesday encouragements and updates.

uplift and inspire

uplift and inspire

Personally I want to finish losing this baby weight. The baby is (almost) 6 months old but my big kid is 9 years old! Can it still be considered “baby weight” 9 years after you have the baby?! Ha. So yeah, finally get that in check. I also want to focus on personal development with reading business related books, learning more about the fitness industry, grow my cooking skills. My friend recently asked me; What would I accomplish if I knew I couldn’t fail. Ive had my head in the clouds to dream about what all of that might look like in the next year, 3 years, 5 years…

My hubby and I had our 10th wedding anniversary and our celebration is going to be a 2015 Bucket List of things we want to accomplish together. Recreating some of the romantic times weve had over the years (like going back to the bed and breakfast from our honeymoon) but also things that will help keep our family healthy. Complete the local 5K Valentines Day run and do a Color run with the children! Take a cooking class together. Read the bible together (spiritual health, cant overlook that!). Our list will grow as we add to it but so far those are definites.

I cant wait to see how 2015 shapes up for us!

And finally, today’s weigh in. Christmas break got the better of me. Not too bad, but I did gain weight as opposed to losing weight. I got to my goal of under 200 by Christmas but then got relaxed and since gained 3 lbs, putting my at 203. Meh. I use to think the path to success was straight as an arrow but often times its more like a curvy mountain road.  Im going to shake shake shake it off and keep on going!

Farwell 2014. You’ve been fab!


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