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Weigh in Wednesday

Its bout that time again, Weigh in Wednesday. What Im going to start to do is have my weigh ins only on the first of the month, just so Im not using the scale as the primary way of measuring my success. Yes I need that number to be smaller but I also want to lose inches as well as pounds, while gaining muscle.

This week there isn’t a change from last week, 203lbs says my scale. I cant wait to permanently be under that 200! My children and I go to the gym daily, my plan is to pair fun classes, like Zumba and Yoga, at the gym along with the T25 video series from Beachbody! Im going to start the workouts and rock the system. Give myself a little jumpstart. Ive done other Beachbody programs and loved it so Im excited to see my results from this. Ill be updating on my progress from that, pics, weight, and measurements.

We are going to the Florida Keys again this year for vacation. 6 more months, I have around 180 days to get my butt in gear! 😉 Boom! That’s the timeline Im giving myself for Operation Bikini Body. Not that Im actually going to be seen in a tiny weeny, itsy bitsy bikini but I refuse to hide myself in one of those awful, oversized mom-tankinis with the skirted bottoms. Like …noNo honey! I refuse to wear one again this summer. Maybe this year Ill order a swim suit from Victoria’s Secret (oh lala). Regardless of the brand or style, at least I want to feel good in whatever Im wearing. Confidence is sexy. Key Largo, here I come. 😉



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