New Blog, New Me

Wait, that’s me?

I haven’t been on very much, I but since today is usually a weigh in post and last week I said I would start doing them at the beginning of each month I thought I could give some NSVs (nonscale victories) … ignoring what the scale says, Ive lost 2 inches off my waist alone. Im pretty thrilled about that!

I also have a before-and-current pic to share. I wasn’t going to show anyone because I wasn’t too happy with the before. It was taken 2 months after I had the baby, September 2014. The current is now, 4 months later.

Even I was shocked at the progress! I guess its hard to see the changes for yourself, or it was for me. I was looking through my camera roll on my phone and came upon the before. I did a double take. Wait, that’s me? When was this taken? Only 4 months ago?! That cant be right! And then I put on the exact same outfit I wore in the before and well…. BOOM! Ah!!! One of my friends told me I should be proud. Period. Not fretting over how Im not yet at my goal. Not being overly critical about my post-baby body. Not nervous about showing my progress.

Well… I am still a little nervous. However, Im going to put it out there anyways and tell that insecure voice in my head to shut up and get lost! I am learning to love myself regardless of what I look like. Don’t be afraid to take pictures of your progress because you might even shock yourself at how far you’ve come.

So whats my secret? Eating better + working out! That’s it. Good ole hard work. I started working out at the gym and then I did this awesome home workout called PiYo (sorta like yoga and pilates, if you want more info Id be happy to share details). I also used Myfitnesspal app to log what I ate, not so much trying to restrict calories but I used it more to make sure I was getting enough nutrients (protein, carbs, calcium, & not too much sugar). Finally, I used a shake every morning for breakfast, it was a quick, mindless meal that I knew was healthy. Its called Shakeology, I used the vegan chocolate flavor. Not quite like eating a Snickers bar or brownies for breakfast but it was pretty good (I can also give more details if interested). And there ya go!

Heres to shameless progress pics! Because I intend to keep going and there will be more of them! 😉


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  1. Awesome job! Keep going with the NSV’s!

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