New Blog, New Me

What have I been up to?

Im sitting here trying to write a blog post that’s somewhat coherent, while the kids are going crazy in the play room, the baby is squealing “DADADADA” and the other two kids are just .. squealing! Ah. Btw, why is it that the baby’s first “word” (more like sound) is Da-da?! What happened to MAMA! Im the one that carried him for 41 weeks, delivered him, stay up nights nursing him, and am with him during the day. Does he call my name first? Nope. I get to hear his sweet little voice call his father’s name, with no mention of me. That’s ok though, when things get crazy at least I can tell my hubby that the baby is calling for him and not me! Ha!

This week I started the Focus T25 workout series.
25 mins a day. 5 days a week. 90 days total.
My mantra: Hard work. Determination. Focus. Nothing great ever comes easy. If it was easy, everyone would do it!

Focus T25, hard work, work out, lose weight

I wanted to try something moderately hard that would push my comfort zone … but one that’s kind of short. I just don’t have a lot of time at home to devote 100% of my attention to working out.

Im attempting to wake up before my kids to get it done! So far this has not happened and Ive had to work out while they are roaming around in the early morning. At least, with this workout, they are only 25 minutes long so I can knock it quick enough that they don’t quite need anything from me. They eat breakfast and then some little bribe snacks with ipad time does the trick. Then before I know it, my workout is done, I take a 3 minute shower, and start my mom-duties. So if anyone is looking for a quick burn sesh (you like that vernacular?! I learned it on Instagram from the cool workout peeps.) this might be a great program for you.

Easy, it is not! I will warn you, that so far, there is a lot of jumping. I hate jumping exercises! That’s probably because I suck at them. Im having to do the modified moves because jumping and I do not get along. Im going to keep pushing it until I have the jump moves down and no longer have to do the modifications. WOOP!

The huge thing with this system, yes its only 25 mins, but you just have to push yourself. The guy who leads the videos (Shaun T, who also made INSANITY) talks a lot about Focus! Everything you need for a great burn is there but you have to get your mind ready to go and go hard. Focus on why you’re here, what you want to achieve, and let that drive you to kick some butt!

Want to see something funny? I posted 2 videos of myself doing the moves. Really, this is pretty comical so if you need a chuckle, check it out. Video1 and Video2 (Sorry, I haven’t figured out how to save them from Instagram so you have to click the links.)

Ive take my “before” pics and will continue to update on how its going. Im excited! FocusT25, watch out, here I come!


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