New Blog, New Me

This week has been pretty spot on, as far as my nutrition and exercise. (I say that now, watch next week be more difficult because I just jinxed myself.) Its not without some challenges, I did the Focus T25 Abs this morning and ShaunT about killed me! I know Im going to be feeling that one tomorrow. I thought jumping was hard. Heh. 25 minutes of ShaunT Abs feels more like 125 mins. That one is no joke … but Ive never ever had definition in my abs before so Im ready to work for them.

However, life happens and things tend to go awry, when it does get super hard to keep with this daily routine what will help keep me on track? … Reminding myself of what lead me to get to this point. Reminding myself of my why. Reminding myself of my future goals.

mind body spirit

Living healthy is more important than losing weight.
Being mindful of portion control, that you can have the brownie but not one the size of Texas!
Being active because its fun, as well as good for your body.
Having a positive body image and feeling good about yourself is far more important than how you LOOK.
Treating others how you yourself want to be treated and having integrity in your daily life will get you far.
Being thankful for the blessings God gives you, while having a humble attitude, because such gifts are never certain.

Healthy body | Healthy mind | Healthy spirit

My biggest goal is to spread the love of Christ while leading a well-rounded lifestyle, inspiring others, and setting a positive example for my children.


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