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I know it’s a hard thing to do, putting your health first. You’ve got so many responsibilities already (job, husband, children, church, school) and there is only  24 hours in a day.

I’m the busiest now then I’ve ever been. I don’t think I’ve ever worn so many hats or have had so many things going on in my life. We moved into a new home a few months ago and the process of building a new home, selling our old home, moving, and settling in to this place has not been an easy transition. Add to that the stress of welcoming a new baby and being a nursing mom who still does not get to sleep through the night. The joys of toddlerhood and dealing with my 3 year old’s new found independence.. (I’m a big girl now so I want to do everything by myself, even when I really should have help.) Tackling homeschooling with my awesome 9 yr old, who get distracted easily and needs constant reminders to stay on task. Supporting my husband, who works so hard in order for me to have the privilege of staying at home with the kids.

There’s just been a whole slew of things that need my attention! The busyness of life. Life complicates things and makes things difficult. But what about ME? All those things up there ^^ are things I do for other people. What do I do for myself? Why should I even bother adding another thing into the already complicated mix? I finally found the answer (and no, husband if you’re reading this, it’s not to go shopping and buy all of the pretty things) … I took control of my health because if I don’t put my health first, then who will??

health healthy lifestyle

Continuing down the path of … eating like crap, not being active, beating myself up for not looking a certain way, being run down with little energy, stretched in a million different ways, living with a fake smile painted on my face, and feeling like crap. Pouring everything you’ve got into everyone and everything else so that there’s 0% left over for yourself, it’s a miserable way to live. You end up having a busy life, full of responsibilities, but at the expense of yourself and your spiritual/physical needs.

I was tired of being completely empty and having nothing left over for myself.  Even though there are only 24 hours in a day and I am already so busy, I took a leap and made that choice to put my health first. Where Im at now is so much better then where I was at 2 and a half years ago. I became determined to change things, so that I can continue giving my all to others without losing myself.


Comments on: "If I don’t put my health first, who will?" (2)

  1. Inspiring and so relatable!

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