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Are you hungry? eCookbook

Today is Fat Tuesday, apparently. Which means people are suppose to pig out today and then for the next 40 days fast (or be more mindful of their diets) for Lent, up until Easter. I guess I kept with this theme because I had my weekly cheat meal tonight of some veggie pizza. It was yummy and hit the spot. I do eat healthy for the majority of the week but sometimes a girl has got to have a pizza! Lol.

I dont observe Lent but I do practice eating nutritious foods while still occasionally indulging in some treats. Moderation, not deprivation. However, for those who are observing Lent or who just want to try and eat a more healthy and balanced diet, I wanted to tell you about this awesome cookbook!

I connected with a group of health professionals & fitness fans and from that, recently had the opportunity to partner with one of these ladies, Tiny Little Chef. She is chef (yes a real-life chef, lol, not just a foodie blogger like myself) who has released her own eCookbooks. For her most recent project I contributed to some of the recipes in this eCookbook! Holla!! It is all focused on healthy but delish foods. All of my meal ideas are vegan or vegetarian but there are other recipes that do have meat, for you carnivores.The best part is that a portion of the proceeds will go to No Kid Hungry and World Help, two organizations that help serve impoverished communities! Click –here, yes here– to go to the eCookbook and enter code 2015 for a 15% discount!

healthy meals

From the last 2.5 years Ive been focused on bettering myself and my health, but what has developed from that is having a heart to help others as well. The things that Ive learned wouldnt mean very much to me if I kept it to myself, which is why I like having this blog! More then seeing changes in my just my life, being able to encourage or impact someone else would be tremendous. Im stoked for this opportunity to share some yummy recipes. ❤ And as I continue to learn and grow I hope to have more opportunities like this.

You have two hands, one to help yourself and the other to help others.


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