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Not having grown up in church or with any particular domination, I did not participate in the season of Lent. In high school I would see kids come late to school with ashes on their foreheads and I envied a religion that allowed them to miss trigonometry.  Becoming a follower of Christ in high school, I was interested in and loved the idea of giving up something for the Lord. I, however, never participated in Lent because I assumed it was just for Roman Catholics.

Years later in my mid twenties I decided to participate in Lent.  I wanted to use the time to give up unhealthy food.  Secretly, however, my goal was to lose 20 pounds . My ultimate motivation was to lose weight.  It was not to glorify the Lord.  In the past, I warned about the motivation behind giving up something for Lent.  I took a lot of flack…

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