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Do You Know What Time It Is? Wk 16 and 17

Woah! I don’t know what happened to last week’s post! I wrote it and then.. its gone? Maybe I didn’t press publish and somehow managed to delete it? I can be kinda ditzy sometimes so it wouldnt surprise me. Lol. I was really excited last Wed because I was 177, which means I had lost exactly 50lbs! But… Im not so excited about this Wed because Im 179. I gained 2 lbs! What gives? I was hoping to be 175 by Easter Sunday but I don’t think I can to that in a healthy way now. Im sure if I restrict like crazy I could get there, no prob. But going that route is not an option…that’s a scary and dangerous road to go down. Ill shoot for 175 by next week! And Im going to shoot for under 170 by May 1st!

I guess the gain is because of diet. Ive been slacking a bit in my eating. I could do better and make more healthy choices. Yes… veg’s can eat crappy too! I got kind of relaxed about portion size. Exercising has made me hungry! Im hungry all the time and have been snacking more at night. Remember when I said I was going to eat raw lunched for Lent.. (whichever post that was??) ..well I have not been as strict about that as I should have. Gosh, its so easy to slack off. A little slip here, a little slip there. You let your guard down and before you know it you’ve eaten half your body weight in cookies! 😛 Lol. Not really, but you get what I mean… Its easy to turn back to your old self. And my old self had no problem eating an entire sleeve of oreos. No bueno!

"They" say diet is 80% and exercise is 20% of weight loss, I wonder if that's true...

“They” say diet is 80% and exercise is 20% of weight loss, I wonder if that’s true…

As far as exercising. This P90X thing is going wonderfully! Im following the Lean schedule. I get 1 rest day per week, the other days I have to work out. And guess what, yesterday was Week 4 Day 1! 4 weeks of working out, perfectly, no cheating, no slacking off. I don’t think Ive ever gone that long before. I really do think I can finish the program with no problems and am excited for the end. I haven’t really been running that much since the p90X so after its over Im going to start hardcore training for my half marathon. Have you noticed that Im always thinking ahead? It helps me to keep my motivation up. Always have a goal to strive towards, that’s something my father in law has taught me.

Goals are what keeps me going...

Goals are what keeps me going…


Weight Loss This Week: 0 lbs
Complete Loss: 48lbs


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