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Do You Know What Time It Is? Wk 7


Its Weigh in Wednesday time! Week 7.

Well technically, today is Thursday, not Wed. Forgive me for being a day late. 🙂 Yesterday I was very busy with planning the baby’s 1st birthday party!! Its owl themes with pink, green, and yellows. She will be one on Nov 14th and Im planning the party 3 hours away from where its located. My wonderful wonderful sister in law is helping me, Im SO thankful for her help because planning from afar isnt easy. Yesterday I made her invitations and mailed all of them out (Ill make a post about her birthday details at another time), which took forever to do! So I didnt have any free time for blogging, which is why this week’s WIW is a day late.

…Its worth the late day because…. I lost FIVE POUNDS this week! 5 lbs!! F.I.V.E. 😀 Im not real sure why I lost 5 (as oppose to my normal 2 or 3), but Ill take it! So that means that I only have 5 more pounds left to lose before Im at prebaby weight (which would make a complete weight loss of 42lbs). My goal was to get there before Thanksgiving. Im still keeping that as my goal because my birthday is Halloween, the husband’s birthday is Nov 5th and the baby’s birthday is Nov 14th. With all the celebration going on, and all the food/cake, it wouldnt surprise me if I gain a pound or two. Lol. Im going to try and be as good as possible so hopefully this week’s 5 lb weight loss wont be all for nothing.

The running is going great! Last week was wonderful. On Saturday I went running at the lake. It was beautiful, weather was perfect, not too cold, and sunny! Oh how I loved running under the sun! All my other runs have een in my neighborhood, which is 90% hilly. However, the lake was completely flat. I was surprised at how much faster I was able to run on flat ground. Finding a place that I love going running at is going to help keep me motivated.

(Heres the lake. This was taken last spring when I took the child for a walk.)

At The Lake With The Child

On the days that I dont run I want to start back with yoga. I miss it! I think the only way Im going to be able to accomplish that is to do it in the mornings before the baby wakes up or to do it at night when the baby is asleep.. my days are hectic enough that I know theres no other time. Maybe Ill do a morning session and a night session? Maybe…

Its crazy to think that just a few short weeks ago I would never even attempted such a thing; now Im looking forward to a 5K race on New Years Eve night. Now Im actually starting to believe that I can do this. Run my first race and then continue on to run a half marathon. Its one thing to have to tell myself that I can accomplish this, but its a completely different thing to feel that I can do it. That I can and will do it!



Weight Loss This Week: 5 lbs
 Total Loss: 26lbs


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