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Whats new to know?

Im pretty open about most things, I think it takes a lot of courage to talk about subjects that you struggle with the most. But I do have a quirky side that you may not know about! Heres a little Friday Five Fun Facts blog. 😀

five fun facts about me

1) I have a cup fetish
Hi my name is Trysti and .. I love lamp cups! Tea cups, coffee cups, glasses, mugs.. Any kind of a cup, I *will* buy. Tervis tumblers are my favorite and I will forever love you if you gift me one. I even have a small collection of kid cups because you cannot have too many sippy cups and toddler cups. We are running out of space for all my cups, it’s a problem.
2) Sarcasm is lost on me..
It often goes over my head, especially coming from my husband! He just loves to say little things that will set me off and it isnt until he cant hold his composure anymore when I finally get that he’s just picking with me. Sarcasm through texts or the internet, forget about it.
3) I’m a plant killer
I have a serious black thumb! But that never stops me, I continue to buy plants/flowers thinking this time I’ll manage to keep it alive. Nope! It’ll die! Poor plants. They are so pretty, I wish I could keep them alive. Its a running joke between my hubby and I, how Im not allowed to buy anything green because its just going to die. Self explanatory that we dont have any pets.. but kind of surprising that Ive been able to keep my kids alive. Ha! (I kid, I kid.)
4) Chocolate is my weakness
I love to get cracked out on cookies & brownies. It has the effect of alcohol or drugs. (Not like Ive ever been drunk or high) Hahaha. Thankfully I CANNOT bake, or else I might weight a lot more. Im working on my self control but do not leave me by myself with chocolate. It calls to me!
5) I have primate feet
I like to pick things up with my toes. BahHahaha. I know I know. Feet! But if it can be picked up with my toes, it probably will be! Ive been known to get caught using my toes to pick things up and Im sure I have the look of shame. Uh.. No! You did not just see me do that!



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