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Would you like some abs to go with that?

I could use a little help in the mommy tummy department, its by far my biggest problem area. I know this and accept it but that doesnt mean I have to like it. Lol. So I signed up to host a 2 week June ab challenge with some of my fit friends. What a better way to get fit then with some awesome like-minded women and a little friendly competition! (Plus.. theres a prize! Free stuff, who doesnt like free stuff!)

Starting today, June 1st-June 14th we will be posting 1 ab move a day on Instagram. I also wanted to post on my blog to share my progress. (If you wated to join is, head over to IG here to get more details.)

Today’s Day 1 ab pose is the Two Point Plank. It increases core strength and stability…and you end up looking like superwoman! Alternate lifting hands and legs (right hand + left leg and then left hand + right leg), hold it for as long as you can, and repeat!

two point plankTry the plank position (top pic) but if you need, the modification is to simply go down to your knees (bottom pic). I can hold the plank but prefer the mod because I feel more comfortable and my form is much better. However, I do like to always push myself so I did the plank for as long as I could hold it with still having good form. It ended being only a few seconds, but at least I tired! Hopefully by the end of this challenge I will be able to hole it a little longer. I know that if I keep practicing, even past the 2 weeks, that Ill only get better and work up to not needing the mod at all!

Im at the lake today so I was able to get my workout in outside. What a better way to work on my summer abs then in the sand, with the beautiful lake behind me! This mama needs all the motivation she can get.


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