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Where my girls at? Fit Team Inspire

Back in November I joined the Beachbody family with a team of ladies, Fit Team INSPIRE, with the same passion for health and wellness. We are a group made up of female professionals and novice who all are dedicated to inspiring ourselves, our team mates, and others to crush fitness goals.

Amanda Tress is our fearless leader, I came upon her professional training Instagram account and was drawn to her dedication, passion, and genuine love for others. I had been looking and searching for some direction and it was if the Lord lead me straight to her! A woman who shines His light with concern for the well-being of others. She was offering a partnership using some amazing Beachbody products, along with tools to help me get fit and inspire others to do the same … I couldnt say no! I had previously lost weight (after the birth of baby #2) but I essentially did it all on my own. This time (after the birth of baby #3) I was longing to be connected to other like-minded mamas. And it was if God was directly answering that prayer!

I remember hanging up from our first phone convo super pumped at this opportunity, I finally found my girls!! (Holla, yall!) The Beachbody products themselves are pretty great, the workouts and shakes – they do work – and if you follow them they can do wonders for you … but why go at it alone?! Having a swolemate team of ladies that totally get you and your passion, friends who push and encourage you, women who love and want to inspire others; our group is small but mighty. Some of us are certified trainers and nutritionists, professional chef, diets that are plant based or follow the paleo diet, stay at home moms as well as working moms, some have battled with losing a fair amount of weight… We all have different skill sets that uniquely make our Fit Team INSPIRE awesome!

The tie that binds us together:
Mindful eating, exercising with a purpose, living with passion, uplifting others, challenging ourselves, and progressing towards goals – thats what we are about.

Fit Team Inspire

If you are also looking for a place to connect as well as opportunities to work at developing yourself and helping others, please please let me know! I can shoot you an email with specific details and you can see the Sneak Peak group of our team, on Aug 17th.


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