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Weigh in Wednesday

Its about that time again! Wednesday and the start of a new month. How has your new year been treating you, as far as any goals or items you’d like to get accomplished? “They” say it takes about a month to break old habits and implement new ones. Well, its been a month.. according to what you’ve done, how will the rest of the year shape up for you?

I wanted to get more organized and while I have tackled my children’s play room, I have not gotten to the crafts and office supplies yet. We have been in this new house for 5 months and all of that stuff is still packed up. (I hate unpacking!) Maybe the organization fairy will come help me (aka my wonderful, awesome mom). Judgment free zone, I have not yet taken my Christmas decorations down! Ugh. Stupid decorations. I spend hours putting them up, just to turn around and take them right down after Christmas?! No honey, Im getting full enjoyment out of those lights. Hahaha.

As far as weight loss goes. Blah. Im up 3 lbs (hello 206lbs) since last month. I was hoping to be under that 200 mark. What can I say, life happened. The diet suffered a little from stressful and emotional events. At least Ive consistently maintained working out. Now that things have settled down I know Ill get back into the swing of things again. Weight isn’t everything, Ive seen improvements in my energy levels, Im a much more confident person, and I have lost inches. I just remind myself that consistency is key.

Train hard + eat healthy = see results. I need this in tattoo form!

Its pretty simple. (Keep it simple, stupid!)

Heres a progress pic from yesterday I posted on my Instagram, a day after delivering the baby + 7 months after. Hello booty! 😉 Progress 7 months pp

The main reason Im not discouraged about the scale, I feel awesome! I delivered a 9 +lb baby 7 months ago! It takes time to recover and Im giving myself some grace. That body of mine, which in the past I have criticized far to much, has carried to full term and delivered 3 wonderful children. That’s 28.1lbs of babies. Lol!

I was suppose to start a new training program this past week but we had to unexpectedly go out of town, so Im starting it this Monday. Im super stoked and plan to blog about it. Be prepared to see ridiculously funny pics of my workouts. Ha.


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