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What if I fail?

Social media can be a fantastic tool but it can also be a big ole lie! Its super easy to post only the great moments, the good days, the times when you are spot on with your nutrition and exercise, and only showing the after pics. People only showing their highlight reel and never talking about the insecurities or challenges they face. (Well, I guess there are those people who never have battled anything difficult in their life, but I am not one of them.) I do not want to be guilty of publishing a fake version of myself which is why this post is important to me.

Today starts Week 2 of my Fall into Fitness PiYo Challenge. I have some fantastic challengers who are killing it, so far they have totally exceeded all the goals they have set for themselves. It does take a commitment in both money and time; an investment in their health and dedication to stick with the challenge for the 60 days. Along with being inspired by their awesome work, I think its important for me to be completely honest with where I am at in this challenge to: 1) show the progress you can expect, 2) help encourage others that yes I struggle too, 3) I think when you share something personal about yourself that it ties you closer to the people around you.

It’s easy to share when you’ve gotten to the finish line and can show what you’ve accomplished … but its so hard to share when you’re just at the starting point. What if I fail? What if I don’t accomplish my goals? What if I get made fun of? What if? Especially with such a sensitive topic as weight loss. Every single person has an area in life that they struggle with. My struggle just happens to be weight related and I’m fighting to overcome that. Its not a brave thing to share when you have made it to the other side of that trench and have overcome the problem. It is brave thing to share while you are in the middle of fighting to dig yourself out of the hole. And I am still in the fighting stage.

That brings me to this post. My “Before” pics, I took these last week right when I started the challenge so they are really my current pics. No trying to stand in a way that made me look super cute for the camera, no trying to suuuuck it in, no hiding. I posted the pic on my Instagram because I appreciate the support, encouraging comments and love I get there. I haven’t shared them anywhere else because I was a little … nervous.

These shorts I got 2 summers ago when I had originally lost 50lbs. I remember getting them and loving how they fit. I was so happy and confident! I tried them on at the start of this summer and I couldn’t even button them! No amount of jumping up and down, wiggling, sucking in my gut, nothing I did made these babies close! I am happy to say that now they button! So that’s progress. I was even able to get them to zip! But I would never wear them out in public because of how dreadfully uncomfortable they are. Squishing my stomach and not cute. No.

Progress Pants

So here are my Progress Pants. The scale can say whatever it wants to. I have stopped caring what the number is. But my clothes dont lie. I am determined to fit comfortably into these babies by the end of my PiYo Challenge. (Which means, yes I will be wearing white after Labor Day, ha!) Losing inches and gaining confidence, those are my goals. Even though it is a little scary to show the “Current” pic, I will because magic happens when you step outside of your comfort zone! 


Its Finally Here?

Saturday was the first day of FALL! Finally, fall is here! And it actually felt like fall here. The weather was perfect so the fam and I enjoyed the weekend outside. We discovered a new park in town and the playground is built like a fort. Its a kid’s dream! (Except for the jerks that graffitied some of the equipment. Punks!) If you want to feel like a kid again go to the park and play around. Im not ashamed to admit that I had way too much fun swinging and sliding. The child wanted me to play and run around with him. When we got to the slide I was thinking, theres no way Im going to be able to fit into that thing! (It was one of those tunnel slides) How embarrassing it would have been if I attempted to get into that thing and then got …stuck… or something! Even the child asked me if I was going to be able to fit into it… Gee, thanks kiddo. I love you too! But nope, I had plenty of wiggle room and made it all the way down just fine. TYVM. 😛 Oh and of course I brought my camera. (The child is at the stage where he doesnt really like to get his picture taken, so I didnt get any of him. Its like pulling teeth to make him cooperate.) Here are a few pics:



The Hubby swinging with the babe

The Hubby swinging with the babe

Sunday was the usual day for us, church and out to eat for lunch. That afternoon I started a craft. Im making a wreath for my mom and me. Ill make a post later about that when Im done. You kno, to show off my wonderful work! 😉 I also did some fundraising, the child is selling coupon books for his school. They bring 5 books home at a time and if they sell those 5 then they get 5 more to sell. The child wants to sell 20 in order to win the prize of a limo ride to a pizza restaurant. 20 freakin books! I dont know if we will be able to do that, I might end up buying most of them for him. Haha. Actually, I dont even know if we will buy one. Its mostly for fast food places and we never go anymore. Anyways, we walked around the neighborhood yesterday selling those books. Now, I think my kiddo is very cute! How could you say no to this face…



Thats My Boy!

Thats My Boy!

… we did end up selling all 5 books but it took us forever! Seriously, you dont have 10 bucks to buy a coupon book from this handsome kid whos doing a fundraiser for his christian school?! (Anyone want to buy a coupon book? Lol.)

It was a week ago yesterday that I made my Why So Wasteful post. I wanted to give a quick update. The goal was to stop being such a wasteful person, with regards to food. Cook the food that I have at home, not let the fresh foods get bad, stop running to the grocery store 50 billion times a week even when I have food in my pantry. We did end up going to the grocery store yesterday but only bought creamer (a requirement from the husband for his coffee), bread, and milk. I bet I still can get away with not buying anymore groceries until the weekend! I have a bunch of pasta, I have a feeling that by the end of the week we will have noodles coming out our ears! I bought an italian pasta cook book from books-a-million the other week (on sale for $10 and it was $40.. score!) and am excited to use it. Ill post recipes to any delish meals I make.

until then… have a great week!

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