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Whats on your list?

Your Christmas list! What do you have your eye on? I always like getting jewelry, what girl doesnt?! And I also have a slight obsession with Vera Bradley so I wouldnt mind adding to my collection! (Hint hint husband!) But aside from that and more practical items for our house (like blinds, but thats no fun!) I wasnt sure exactly what I wanted.

Then I remembered seeing some goodies on Instagram from people who I look up to, in terms of fitness and overall healthy lifestyle. Well what better gift for myself then something thats going to help me achieve my goals! I thought Id share the items with yall, in case anyone else was interested.

Christmas Wish List

6 Pack Fitness has this meal bag, sort of like a lunch box for superwoman (or supermoms)! I know that might sound kind of lame at first but really, its very popular and gotten wonderful reviews. The website description: The biggest innovation in meal management for the fitness elite. Fitness elite, I kinda like that! 😉 Its a cooler bag that holds everything you need for up to 5 meals. When I go out of town, on vacation, or just to visit family I have always struggled with my nutrition. I fall right back into those old, familiar, unhealthy habits. Now I can plan out what my meals will be and stay on track! Plus, being a veggie eater, I dont know exactly what ingredients other people use when cooking meals. Something about I do not eat meat just doesnt click for some people, when someone cooks whatever and they say, “Oh you can just pick out the meat and still eat it” … say what?! Um noooo thank you! Ill just drink some water. Its a little bit of an investment but I think its so worth it because now Ill be able to fix my meals, know exactly whats in them, and stay on track with making healthier choices!

Blender Bottle shaker cup will make it easy for me to drink my protein drinks on the go. No need to leave the house hungry because I can simply take my drink with me. No need to tote my blender around like a crazy person whenever I go out of town! Lol. Blender Bottle makes snack jars so I can also take snacks wherever I go. These containers will make it so much more easy and no squashing my snacks in a zip lock bag! These two items are much more reasonably priced so if you cant swing the 6 Pack Fitness bag then you can at least get these.

Finally, I had to feed my Vera Addiction with this Emily Satchel in Emerald Paisley. 😀

I know the New Year is usually the time when people start thinking about losing weight, being a better version of themselves, getting healthy and all that jazz .. but why not start now! This year my Christmas Wish List are gifts that will help support my goals. (Plus a Vera bag because why not! Haha)

Set goals. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! 

Dont turn your goals into a wish.

Dont turn your goals into a wish.


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