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Do You Know What Time It Is? Wk 5

Its Weigh in Wednesday time! Week 5.

And this week Im actually posting this on time! ūüôā So like I said in yesterday’s post, I went home over this past weekend… being home is not good for my weight loss! Being back home isnt¬†usually a relaxing time– Im¬†always on the go, rushing,¬†running around all over town, doing errands for people, and¬†trying to organize who gets to see the children when and for how long. Attempting to see all of the family, in-laws, and friends in one short weekend is not easy nor stress free. By the time Sunday afternoon¬†rolls around Im¬†ready for¬†a nap …¬†but I cant¬†because I have to drive 3-3.5 hours back to my house before it gets dark, fix dinner, tuck the child and baby in bed, unpack the bags, and get ready for Monday. When Im¬†stressed I tend to snack, eat junk foods instead of eating a real meals, I dont¬†get much sleep, drink too much sodas, and am too busy to workout. So yeah, that was my weekend. Plus, yesterday I felt totally overwhelmed and had zero motivation to run to the grocery store to find something to cook for dinner. We went out to eat and¬†I had… eggplant parm!!! :O Food as comfort¬†=¬†So not healthy.

Wont Be ME!

Wont Be ME!

Of course I felt guilty this morning for my crappy decisions, knowing today was WIW, and that I was going to have to blog about all that crap. Heh! But there it is! So how much weight do you think I lost, or gained? …. Ill¬†get to it in a second! ūüėõ My lovely weekend back home¬†just goes to show, that you can be a vegetarian and still be unhealthy. Im¬†sure if I ate like that all of the time I would gain weight, feel like crap-ola, and be! Being a veg isnt just about what you cant eat, its more about what you should eat.¬†“Oh sorry, Im¬†a vegetarian, I dont¬†eat animals… so instead of eating that hamburger Im¬†just going to go stuff my face full of chips, french fries, mall pretzels with ranch¬†dip,¬†loaded caesar salads,¬†and Little Debbie Snacks.” Lol! Yeah, thats not how veg eating should work!

So to be positive! Im going to let go of this past week, remembering what not to do, and move forward. As soon as Im done with this post, Im going to go read something fab out of Psalms! After dinner tonight Im going to get my run in. Ive made my weekly food list and will be going to the grocery store after I pick the child up from school. Do some extra housework because having a nice, sparkly, clean house always puts me in a great mood. And finally, tonight Im going to sign up for my first race!

Oh and last thing.. my weight!!¬†I did not gain any weight but I also did not lose any weight! Im surprised¬†and not too upset, considering the week that I had. But watch out! ūüėČ Next week’s WIW will be a lot better!!

Weight Loss This Week: Zero lbs
 Total Loss: 19lbs


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