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Whos with me?

Why did I go from eating junk food, fast food, fried stuff, lots of red meats, too-large portion sizes, cookies, cheese on everything, and other naughty things all of the time. Well isnt that apparent? can eat junk like that all the time and be healthy. Its just not possible. I got tired of it. Enough. You know? Time for something drastic and long-lasting. Time for a new me! May 2012 I became a vegetarian and enter a whole lifestyle change.

Since then I’ve learned a lot. I’m still learning and progressing, for me that’s what it is all about .. Progress not perfection! Progressing towards a completely plant based diet, towards someone who uses food as fuel not therapy, towards a mom who is confident and fierce. I’ve been feeling like it’s placed on my heart to start a new blog series, that’s also tied to my other social media accounts, which highlights the plant based/meat free diet. Starting in November each month will have a different theme and once a week I’ll post topics related to that. Themes like: 1) How to eat meat free on the cheap! 2) How to get all your protein from a plant based diet. 3) How to eat out while sticking to a veggie meal…

I get told a lot from people that they want to cut back on how much meat they are eating but are not sure where to start. Or even if its possible. I want to say – “Yes it is totally possible and here is a little info on how to do just that.” Maybe one day Ill get my ducks in a row and become a PiYo instructor and get a weight loss management certification. Become truly too legit to quit and all… But, admittedly I am not a personal trainer, Im not a nutritionist, I am not a size 2, and I dont have some body building 6 pack. So why am I even qualified to talk on this subject?

Well I am passionate about it and Ive stuck to it even through some struggles. Ive had many many people attempt to talk me out of not eating meat. It makes some people uncomfortable. Im not sure why but it does so they make it their goal to bring my diet up in conversations whenever they can, to persuade me to “go back”. No one cared enough to talk to me when I was 230 lbs, eating fast food multiple times a week, and clearly making bad choices all of the time! No one gently sat me down to have a heart to heart about what effect my diet and lack of exercise played on my health. None of these people seemed all that concerned when my choices lead me to getting gestational diabetes; while they saw me testing my blood sugars 4 times a day and restricting my foods to make sure I was staying within safe ranges for baby. Nope not a word to my face. However, after I decided I don’t want to eat any animals, limit the animal products (milk/eggs/cheese), and focus on eating more plant-based foods – that’s when people wanted to say something. Go figure? I know what its like to face opposition and my passion for my diet has helped me to not stop.

My passion drives me to learn more about the nutrition side. I love finding new foods and nutrition programs that will help me get closer to my goals. When I started out in 2012 I knew nothing. Not a single thing! I joined private Facebook groups, I scoured Pinterest, blogs and Instagram, I connected with like minded people, and I discovered some fantastic professional foodies/chefs. I honestly like looking stuff up! So if I didnt know an answer I’d dig around until I found it. Those all have been what has helped me stay on this path, but it did take some time. There are so very many different resources out there for vegan and vegetarians that it can get a little overwhelming, which is the exact opposite of what a newbie needs. Ive found some great resources from experts and the opportunity to have a forum where they can all be compiled together would be amazing.

While I know some would disagree with the method (meat free eating) I do feel led by the Lord to share my passion with others. He has given me a heart for helping people. I can feel that so clearly. The pull to want to come along side the person I was back in 2012 and help her see that there is a better way. To tell that frazzled mom: You don’t have to live in the prison of obesity, there is a better way, you can become comfortable in your skin, you can find happiness through exercise, and you can work at getting victory over the struggle of being overweight. As I am working for those things myself, I feel the Lord asking me to step out in faith because He has placed this passion in my heart for a reason. So my goal during this veggie series is to help others while honoring God. 

Check back on Mondays for the new blog posts that correlate to the monthly topic. You can also leave your email address to be added to the subscription list. Today was an introduction. I wanted to put my heart out there about why Im starting this in the first place. Next Monday Ill cover the main reason why I changed my diet to vegetarian – What are the health benefits of a plant based diet? (This wont be me ranting over eating animals. I wont go all crazy lady on ya. Lol. 😛 Nor will I be talking out of my butt. Ill give info from various professionals on the positive sides to a plant based diet and you can make the decision yourself about how you feel.)

Im excited! Who’s with me? 

Plant based vegetarian blog series trystea


Are you going too slow?

If you haven’t noticed, its fall! Its getting cooler so that means hoodies, Clemson football, fires in our fireplace, scarves, pumpkin everything. We also have several birthdays to celebrate in our family (my moms, mine, my hubby, the threenager) … I absolutely love fall time as it reminds me of new beginnings and special memories.

I’m right in the middle of my PiYo Challenge but the outdoors keeps calling me! I think it’s time to start running again, as fall has always been my FAVORITE time to run. It was during this time, 3 years ago that I started running. Something about being outside under the sun, in the cool crisp air. It clears my head and keeps me happy. I keep saying I want to start back so time to dust off my running shoes.

On Tuesday morning the hubby took the kids to the gym while I stayed home. I was going to work out and do house work, however after I completed PiYo Sweat, I took one look outside and was out the door. Off running before I could talk myself out of it…


My first run in ages! I had a goal in mind about how far I wanted to run, it went a little like this … Ok when I get to the end of this street I’ll stop, no no, when I get to the end of that driveway I’ll stop, no wait, when I get to that mailbox I’ll quit, wait, when I get to the top of this hill I’m definitely finished … That was my entire internal dialog, with a little prayer here and there asking Jesus to help me. Until finally. I was truly done. A mile finished a little under 14 minutes.

Now I’m sure that might sound “too slow” to some people but eh. Coming from a girl who use to never ever exercise, *I* am proud of my 14 min mile! I ran for 14 mins straight. The thought of quitting because I’m going too slow never crossed my mind. A 14 minute mile is just as far as a 7 minute mile! Woop! Shoot yeah I am excited because getting out there and trying is the accomplishment for me.

too slow run

On my run I had a goal in mind of how far I wanted to get and even though my abs were cramping, the legs hurt, my lungs burned, and that darn hill about killed me .. I made it! Which made me think, you know sometimes WE have to be our OWN cheerleader. Sometimes we are the ones that have to push ourselves, to look inward, to ask Jesus for a bit more strength to keep going. We are not always going to be surrounded by friends or children or a husband or a trainer to encourage us. It’s in those moments, when we are alone and faced with the choice to give up or keep going that we truly grow.

So weather it’s going on a run for the first time in a year, your usual workout or the daily healthy eating habits, or even something like housework! When you’re faced with the choice to either stop or keep going … Keep going! Be your own cheerleader. Push forward. Too slow? Never.

Where are my abs?

Im happy to report, as an update to the post I made last time, my ab challenge is complete! Have I come away with a super ripped 6 pack? Suuuure, but its hiding underneath my mommy tummy. LOL. No, I cant say that Ive now magically got a flat stomach but I CAN say I learned something pretty awesome…

The challenge was a fun way for my fit friends and I to encourage others to join us in exercising. But here’s the thing, in order to help someone else you must first help yourself! I learned that when I put my mind to something, I can accomplish great things. I told myself (and the world of Instagram) that for two weeks I would be exercising every day, would post a video (or pic) of that day’s ab move, and invited others to join me. Did I feel like doing it! Nope. But I did it anyways. Did I feel like posting a video of myself working out?! Heck NO! Me posting exercise moves for the one area of my body that Im most insecure about does not sound like a fun thing to do. How about you putting on blast, for everybody & their mama to see, your deepest insecurities about the way you look. I was very nervous when I started and had plenty of excuses about why I shouldnt even bother doing it.

“What if someone says something mean to me, what if I look like an idiot, what if I do the moves wrong, what if I miss a day, what if you can see my fat, what if you can see me struggling…”

For me the ab challenge wasnt about learning some cool workout moves, it was about challenging myself to change the way I think and feel. Be brave! Work hard! Dont quit! Thats what I learned from the ab challenge. And to address the insecure thoughts in my head.. I didnt get a single mean, rude, or off putting comment. Not a one. In fact it was quite the opposite because I got plenty of positive feedback.

So the next time I host a challenge (and yes, there will be more) I encourage you to not only participate, but to also post pics/videos of yourself working it with us. You might learn something about yourself & gain more then just a 6 pack!

((Ill keep the ab moves up on my IG, if you want to go back and review them))

ab challenge

If I don’t put my health first, who will?

I know it’s a hard thing to do, putting your health first. You’ve got so many responsibilities already (job, husband, children, church, school) and there is only  24 hours in a day.

I’m the busiest now then I’ve ever been. I don’t think I’ve ever worn so many hats or have had so many things going on in my life. We moved into a new home a few months ago and the process of building a new home, selling our old home, moving, and settling in to this place has not been an easy transition. Add to that the stress of welcoming a new baby and being a nursing mom who still does not get to sleep through the night. The joys of toddlerhood and dealing with my 3 year old’s new found independence.. (I’m a big girl now so I want to do everything by myself, even when I really should have help.) Tackling homeschooling with my awesome 9 yr old, who get distracted easily and needs constant reminders to stay on task. Supporting my husband, who works so hard in order for me to have the privilege of staying at home with the kids.

There’s just been a whole slew of things that need my attention! The busyness of life. Life complicates things and makes things difficult. But what about ME? All those things up there ^^ are things I do for other people. What do I do for myself? Why should I even bother adding another thing into the already complicated mix? I finally found the answer (and no, husband if you’re reading this, it’s not to go shopping and buy all of the pretty things) … I took control of my health because if I don’t put my health first, then who will??

health healthy lifestyle

Continuing down the path of … eating like crap, not being active, beating myself up for not looking a certain way, being run down with little energy, stretched in a million different ways, living with a fake smile painted on my face, and feeling like crap. Pouring everything you’ve got into everyone and everything else so that there’s 0% left over for yourself, it’s a miserable way to live. You end up having a busy life, full of responsibilities, but at the expense of yourself and your spiritual/physical needs.

I was tired of being completely empty and having nothing left over for myself.  Even though there are only 24 hours in a day and I am already so busy, I took a leap and made that choice to put my health first. Where Im at now is so much better then where I was at 2 and a half years ago. I became determined to change things, so that I can continue giving my all to others without losing myself.

What in the World?

Oh Hi there yall! I havent disappeared, promise! I did sorta drop off the face of the blog-world. Sorry guys!!! Xoxo. But Im back (for real) to bloging now. I did really miss it and am thrilled to give a mini update. Big things have happened since my last post a year ago. You see…

I had a BABY! A sweet little boy born in July. I am now a (homeschooling) mom of three! A 9 yr old, my threenager, and 4 month old. (Yess, I might have lost my mind, just a tad.) We built a house and moved in a few months ago. Things got real crazy up  in here and Im trying to find a balance through it all. Its been quite a challenge.

One huge thing I noticed was the nagging little voice in the back of my head reminding me of how much I enjoy this blog, “Come back! Make a blog post! You know you wanna!” … It did help keep me accountable and I LOVE learning more about health and wellness. Being able to share that with others is really what its all about! Im excited to start back with my blog.

And woohoo! I have continued with my vegetarian diet, that hasnt changed. I had a very healthy and happy pregnancy, now Im back to kicking butt and getting into shape. I have 25 more pounds to go until Im at my pre-pregnancy weight (185lbs). Im trying to not let the scale get me frustrated because I have to FIGHT for every pound lost. 25 lbs… piish, I got this! Then Ill have about 40 more to go after that. Im stoked!! And ready to bring my sexy back!

And with that… photo bomb! Because who doesnt love pictures of a sweet baby! 🙂


Recent, oh how they grow up so fast!


Newborn squish!


HI! There's all of us!

HI! There’s all of us!

Where In The World?

Woah!!! Where in the world have I been all summer? My last post was almost 3 months ago! Well Ive been right here, hey yall! Lol. Summer got the best of me and I got out of blogging. It was really easy to skip writing.

No worries though.. I didn’t fall off the weight loss wagon completly, I just took a pit stop. I finished P90X, yep Im a P90x graduate! Then I got into a no work out funk and also relaxed a bit with my eating habits. To be honest, I got lazy. Summertime made me want to relax and chill out. And I managed to gain 5lbs doing so, which isn’t BAD but it isn’t good either. Hello 177lbs!

I also went on vacation! Key Largo, Florida!!! It was wonderful for my tan (not like I needed more of a tan) and I swam every day. Instead of trying to get a workout in I just snorkeled and scuba dove. It was heavenly and I actually didn’t hate being in my bathing suit. Last year was horrible, I was still chubby from giving birth (because, you know, I wasn’t one of those lucky ladies that lost weight) and I felt sooo uncomfortable. I was too self conscious to enjoy myself. Even though I was with my husband’s family, and its not like they should care what I look like or how much I weigh, it IS hard always being the chubby one. But this year, that didn’t matter so much! 🙂 Ive accomplished a lot in a year and Im stoked to see where Ill be next summer!

(Yes here come a few pics from vacation!)
the family

the child

the baby

and me (very tanned!)

So now that Im done with vacation and summer-fun its time to get back to work! Back to the healthy eating, tracking what I eat with myFitnessPal, and exercise. ….Oh I think I forgot to mention, Im also adding homeschooling to that list. Yep, Ill be homeschooling the child this year. We start next week. Wish me luck, eeeek!….

As far as exercise goes, Ive joined the world of Crossfit. Uh huh, Im going to be one of THOSE women. You know, super fit with muscles, healthy eating habits, and uber sexyyyy bod. 😉 Woowoo! Like these pretty ladies:

That’s the goal! I might half way kill myself trying to get there, but I have no doubt that Ill get there. I know exactly what I want .. and when I want something I go get it! But not only will I be a Crossfit lady, but Ill also be a vegan Crossfitter. Which, btw, is sort of unheard of because they encourage the Paleo way of eating (lots of meat, seafood, and veggies). There are similarities to Paleo and Vegan, veggies with no dairy and no processed foods so at least theres that. Of course they eat all that meat because they want to get that animal protein to rebuilt muscle … BUT you don’t HAVE to eat animal for protein, there are vegan sources of protein too! Ive stumbled upon several helpful tools to help me: The Secret Advice of a Vegan CrossFitter , The Vegan Crossfit Project, and several private Veg Crossfitter facebook groups.

I started Crossfit on Monday. Woah. WOAH! My muscles arnt sore, they feel alive! Its killer but I love it, I already love it!  … With P90X (and other video workouts) I HATED doing it every day at home, talk about boring and lonely. Ive done the typical gym thing and I didn’t really like that either, running on a treadmill makes me feel like a hamster & I didn’t really know what I was doing with the weight machines. It was pretty intimidating. Crossfit is completely different. The moment I walked into my box (aka: my local Crossfit gym. See there, I already have the terminology down! hehe)  it felt right! They are very friendly and welcoming, I didn’t feel out of place or anything like that. Everyone was working out HARD! You could tell that the people there are there to work, but there was still that feeling that they were enjoying it. I really love how encouraging everyone is, rooting on others but yet being competitive at the same time. And what I love most is how they put such great emphasis on proper form! The first two weeks (3 days a week) are a Foundations class; showing us proper form, introducing us to Crossfit & getting us use to the movements. The coach was really wanting us to go sloooow at first so we can get the foundations down. That’s HUGE for someone like me, who really doesn’t know what they are doing because they never had someone show them what to do the right way! I love love love how every work out of the day is made by a coach and the coach is RIGHT THERE with you!! It seems like as long as you show up and put in the effort, you WILL see results; itll be hard but not impossible! After I complete my Foundations class Ill be good to go… 6AM for 5 days a week is the goal!

Wish me luck! :*

Beauty in Strength Determined weightlifting woman

Do You Know What Time It Is? Wk 19

A Weigh in Wed that’s actually on time, for a change! Shocker. 🙂 If you haven’t read last night’s post, you should. Its the reason for this blog post. So after I had my mini-breakdown I received words of encouragement from several of my awesome friends! And from one blogger (thanks Christina). Apparently Im focusing too much on my number and not enough on my results. And the number might not be too accurate because Im gaining muscle, which is going to weigh more then fat. So Im most def not going to quit or give up. Im not a quitter. But at least now I don’t feel so alone in this.

Lets face it, we all need a little push sometimes…


As weight goes, I was 178lbs last week. This week Im (finally) at 175! YES!

Weight Loss This Week: 3 lb
Complete Loss: 52lbs

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