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Who likes to party?

While the kid watches The Hobbit, the toddler tortures me with watches Barney, and the baby sleeps I actually have a second to sit down and relax! This afternoon I had a party in my kitchen! Ive been busy with grocery shopping, food prepping, and cooking for this coming up week. If you fail to plan you plan to fail – and this week I will not fail. Ive got most of the dinners cooked or nearly cooked, lunches planned (sandwiches, soup, and salad) and breakfast is a mindless Shakeology. I was talking to one of my dear friends earlier today and she had a great idea of portioning out all of her snacks for the week. Put a portion in a ziplock bag and be done, no over eating. Even with healthy foods, too much is still a bad thing and its so easy to over eat with snack type things. And to brag on her a little more for a second.. she lost 88 lbs last year! Kristin, girl! If youre reading this, Im sooo proud of you! You rocked it! And don’t think I forgot you mentioned wanting to try Meatless Monday, Im totally going to check up on you to see how that goes. Lol.

Heres what my Sunday Prep for Success looked like


That’s quinoa, brown rice that will go with Happy Herbivore’s Pineapple Teriyaki Chickpea, sautéed mushrooms, chopped veggies (carrots, green and purple cabbage, and a mix for stir fry), stemmed broccoli, steamed cabbage, and in the pot is a veggie mix for enchiladas. Woo! In order to make tonight easy on myself Im having a salad with a Roasted Garlic & Quinoa Burger from Morning Star. The hubby is out of town over night so the kids are having a pizza party! I picked up a frozen pizza for them today while at the grocery store. I want to try and support them to make healthy choices but for tonight pizza > quinoa burgers! So now its time to go and get this party started….


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