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Whats new to know?

Im pretty open about most things, I think it takes a lot of courage to talk about subjects that you struggle with the most. But I do have a quirky side that you may not know about! Heres a little Friday Five Fun Facts blog. 😀

five fun facts about me

1) I have a cup fetish
Hi my name is Trysti and .. I love lamp cups! Tea cups, coffee cups, glasses, mugs.. Any kind of a cup, I *will* buy. Tervis tumblers are my favorite and I will forever love you if you gift me one. I even have a small collection of kid cups because you cannot have too many sippy cups and toddler cups. We are running out of space for all my cups, it’s a problem.
2) Sarcasm is lost on me..
It often goes over my head, especially coming from my husband! He just loves to say little things that will set me off and it isnt until he cant hold his composure anymore when I finally get that he’s just picking with me. Sarcasm through texts or the internet, forget about it.
3) I’m a plant killer
I have a serious black thumb! But that never stops me, I continue to buy plants/flowers thinking this time I’ll manage to keep it alive. Nope! It’ll die! Poor plants. They are so pretty, I wish I could keep them alive. Its a running joke between my hubby and I, how Im not allowed to buy anything green because its just going to die. Self explanatory that we dont have any pets.. but kind of surprising that Ive been able to keep my kids alive. Ha! (I kid, I kid.)
4) Chocolate is my weakness
I love to get cracked out on cookies & brownies. It has the effect of alcohol or drugs. (Not like Ive ever been drunk or high) Hahaha. Thankfully I CANNOT bake, or else I might weight a lot more. Im working on my self control but do not leave me by myself with chocolate. It calls to me!
5) I have primate feet
I like to pick things up with my toes. BahHahaha. I know I know. Feet! But if it can be picked up with my toes, it probably will be! Ive been known to get caught using my toes to pick things up and Im sure I have the look of shame. Uh.. No! You did not just see me do that!



Can I Catch A Break?

I need a moment!

True Story

True Story

Any parent will tell you there comes a time when you are totally burnt out and at the breaking point. Im there at the moment. Today has not been a good day and I just put the baby in her crib to ‘play’ for 10 mins while I get a break. A BREAK! Im a stay at home mom, breaks are not something we get. Unlike moms that work, we are with our children 24/7. We do not get to have baby free time during the day. Now dont get me wrong, I love being able to stay at home. But today is just one of THOSE days. Actually, my entire week last week was one of THOSE weeks and right now I am taking.a.break. A break from constantly running interference and redirecting.

The bad thing about your baby finally becoming mobile is that your baby is finally becoming mobile. Ah! 😛 They get into everything they shouldnt and now Im running interference. All.The.Time. Havent I said before that babies are like puppies?! Lol. The crazy thing is that the baby has so many toys but she doesn’t want to play with them. I try to get on the floor and play with her. She crawls away. (Plus she’s teething. Whining. Grumpy. Doesn’t sleep well. Doesn’t nap well. And won’t watch a second of tv.) What DOES the baby want to do? Play with the tv. Try and climb the stairs. Get into the kitchen trash. Chew our shoes (What makes a baby look at a shoe and think, that looks like something good to chew?!). Pull out the DVDs. Unroll the toilet paper. Try and climb into the shower. Pull out all of the mixing bowls from the kitchen cabinets. Play with wires. Rip paper. I’m constantly redirecting her. Saving her from her hurting herself. Omgosh, can a mama not catch a BREAK?

What do *I* do?! What do YOU do!!!?

What do *I* do all day?! What do YOU do all day!!!?

This morning I had to redirect the baby about 50 million times from the stairs. I dont get what is so entertaining about climbing up them, but thats all she seems to want to do. You should see her when I stop her, its like I just broke her poor little baby heart. She has a full on baby breakdown and cant stand it that I wont just let her craw up those stairs. MeanMama! I caught her on the 5th or 6th step and told her, “NO Bethany. You cannot go up there!” In her sweet little angel voice, Bethany said, “Bye bye Mama!” and attempted to race up the stairs. Lol. Oh no.

I know she wants to explore and is trying to learn her environment. I’m happy that she’s so healthy and curious. But this is getting tiring. Plus the house is a mess because I can’t clean during the day. The husband comes home like — Um, what have you done all day?! — And I just want to punch him. Lol. 😉

Ok, now that Ive gotten my moment … time to go back to mama-reality….

SAHM, True Story

SAHM, True Story

What’d You Just Say?

My 7 year old rocks! George! You wont find a more witty child. He has no problem having convos with adults. I think its because when he was a tot he was use to hanging out with my husband and my college friends.. engineers, bible scholars, mathematicians, and artsy people . Also, his moral compass is very strong because the husband and I have tried to instill God’s word in his heart. He is pretty wise for his age. So yeah… mama gush! I think he is a great kiddo! 😀

(When I figure out how to post pictures on this blog, Ill show him off. BTW, how DO you post pics?!)

People who know me know that I love back rubs. LOVE! And Ill take a back rub from anybody that looks fairly clean, lol. Now that George is older and stronger.. I have been able to bribe him to give me back rubs! Ill give him a dollar for rubbing my back. Yesss, he only asks for a dollar, he hasnt figured out that I *would* pay him more. So I get a pretty good back rub and he is a dollar richer. Win.Win.

I picked him up from school today and took him to Sonic (Hello!! Half price drinks from 2-5! Score!) and while we were waiting for our drinks, of course, I asked him for a back rub. He is rubbing away and then says to me, “Oooooooh MAMA! I can feel your BRA!!” Now, I guess this is a big deal to a 7 year old boy and I didnt want him going to school telling his guy friends about how he was able to touch a bra, lol. Trying to diffuse his excitement I tell him that its not really my bra, its just the straps. And then he goes, “Yeah! Thats what I was talking about… the part that holds ‘them’ up!!” …….….. Yeah. 😛 Well, thanks for that comment son!

Last funny story of the day. When George was 2 he started calling women’s breasts ‘balls’. I guess to a 2 yr old they are round and look like… balls… Makes since. So then he asked me… “Why doesnt Daddy have ‘balls’??” BahHahahaha! I tried to correct my (then 2 yr old) George and told him that they are part of a woman’s chest, not called a ball. Meh, that didnt stick, he still refers to them as balls. 😛

Only Men Have Those?

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