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Who do you compare to?

Do not compare yourself with others

My mom’s birthday was this week and we went back home over the weekend to celebrate. You know what that means? Lots of family and fun time. And lots of food… Birthday cake, s’mores, and pimento cheese sandwiches for days! Its all about balance, some days are great and other days are filled with pimento cheese. But that was my entire weekend.

When I got back to my house on Sunday night I was super sluggish, I climbed into bed but before I fell asleep I made an attack plan on how to get back on track this week. The only person I needed to be better than was the person I was the day before. That I can do! Instead of fretting over my weekend or comparing myself to someone else, I decided to focus on making better choices then what I had made over the weekend. Step 1: No more sweets or pimento cheese. Ha. Step 2: Search Google for some tips! Help and advice from the experts. Step 3: Make a plan and attack it! Here are my goals for this week:

Drink a ton of water. Go to bed 30 mins early. Eat meals from the 21 Day Fix Fixate cookbook. Dont eat after 9pm.

To put that into practice, I closed my kitchen at 9pm last night. Why? Late night snacking trips me up and thats when Im most likely to make that unhealthy choice. Something about after dinner ice cream while I’m watching The Walking Dead… mmm! However, studies specially show you will snack MORE if you’re watching something sad, scary, or action packed. (If you have a little extra time, read THIS, it details Cornell University’s findings on this subject and is really interesting!) So last night at 9 pm I closed my kitchen. No more eating. No mindless eating in front of the TV, no emotional eating, no more food. I made a hot cup of tea (straight tea with no sugar or milk), sat down and enjoyed that with my tv show..but that was it. I felt great making that decision.

Making simple, obtainable, specific goals to crush so that I can be better than the person I was yesterday.


What else is there?

I had a scary thought .. my kids are going to grow up and leave me! Lol. Which some moms may celebrate but I’ve been a mom since I was 18. I dont really know what else to do with myself. I keep thinking that in 9 years, my oldest will be the age I was when I got married, moved away, and became a parent. Gah!

After they leave me, what’s next? What am I suppose to do with all that new free time!? Stalk my kids and make sure they arnt getting into trouble? (Nooo, I’d never.) I guess I’ll have to figure out what my life is going to be like when I’m not constantly taking care of someone. What else is there, outside of being a mom? I will always be their mother but what will I do with myself when they grow up and don’t need my undivided attention? When they don’t need me to strap them into a car seat. (I cannot wait to burn the last car seat!) They stop wanting to be tucked in bed. Don’t follow me around the house. Or they don’t need me to constantly remind them to finish their dinner. Lord help us when they are old enough to drive!

I guess I’m realizing there’s more to life then being a mom and trying to figure out where I fit into it all. Aside from being a wife and a mom, what is there? (Is there such a thing as empty nest syndrome, before your kids actually leave the nest!? Lol.) I know the Lord has blessed me with having a heart for others.. something my wonderful mama passed onto me (she’s the definition of selfless).. God has presented me with an awesome opportunity to use my gifts and knowledge to uplift others. But honestly, I’m a little nervous. Fear of failure or of the unknown, along with self doubt, are huge motivators that keep people from presuing their dreams.


There are plenty of examples in the bible of people who were called to a specific task but they doubted that they were the right person for the job. God didn’t expect them to be perfect. He didn’t require from them that they had all the answers or that they never made a mistake along the way. He simply gave them what they needed, to do what He called them to do. The Lord doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called! He does require that we follow after Him. And then He promises that He will lead us.

Replacing old crappy habits with new ones, changing your lifestyle. Getting healthy and from that process losing weight, & getting that sexy body you’ve always wanted. 😉 Setting obtainable goals and killing it to get there. All while maintaining your sanity with all the billion responsibilities of a mom. None of that stuff is easy! But. It can be done! It’s not impossible. While I’m presented with the eventuality of my kids growing up and leaving, that’s what has been placed on my heart… To help others get to that place too!

And let me tell you, it’s kind of a refreshing & freeing feeling, to finally know what you’re suppose to be doing. WOOP woop!

What are your grand plans?

Im tired. I think I could start every single post off with, Im tired, is it bed time yet?!

It is bed time for the two oldest kids, the baby, however, will stay up probably another hour to party with us and then bed time. Winter is my favorite season because the sun goes down so much sooner. I get to throw the kids in bed earlier. Ha! Does that make me a bad mom? Lol. Nah…

Sleep and I are best friends. Always have been. Until I had kids! Our first was one was the exception, he was/is one of those dream kids that you wish you could have, slept wonderfully, skipped right over the terrible twos, wasn’t one to have tantrums, and was just an overall well-behaved child. Our second, well she made up for his awesomeness. Hah. Of course she is wonderful in her own way but that baby could run off no sleep at all. Two years, for the first two years of her life I got use to living in a perpetual state of sleep deprived mommy fog, the dark days. Our third tricked us, he started off pretty great but I have a feeling Im going to go back to sleepless nights. Teething, growth spurts, wonder weeks .. fun stuff! Its just one of those joys that comes with being a parent. (Or maybe that’s just what I tell myself to get through the days.)

Being that I have so much to do throughout the day, very little down time, and Im constantly running on very little sleep Im really trying to learn how to balance everything. Sometimes I fail miserably, like the other post about homeschooling and putting so much pressure on myself! Im the kind of person that likes to shoot for the moon with these elaborate plans. Which is just not working for me. Trying to pack too much into my days. Or looking at others not as inspiration, but as someone I need to strive to emulate. Or being overly critical of myself when I have bad days. Its just not healthy to be in that mindset. And its so terribly stressful!

What Im trying this week- back to basics. Do what I know and do it well. Don’t try and overshoot my goals. Don’t over complicate things for myself. Meal time doesn’t have to be this gourmet affair, simple foods can be delicious too! Exercise doesn’t have to be this big elaborate session, a workout that’s simple but preformed with hard work and consistency is what matters. Same goes with homeschooling and my expectations there. (Along with housework, but who am I kidding- getting laundry washed is a good day for me.)

So far Ive just been floating along. Going week to week with big goals and for the most part Ive been able to accomplish everything, but at what cost? Im frazzled. Im tired. I want to kick some butt, not just survive!

How will I plan? KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Pretty accurate. If you set your objectives too high then you wont be able to reach them. Goals are great. Unobtainable ones arnt. This week Im keeping it simple and not setting the bar out of my reach. There is a balance and if you cant find that balance between all of your responsibilities, you just might fall flat on your face.

Stop over-thinking and just do.


KISS keep it simple stupid

Do You Know What Time It Is? Wk 4

Is Weigh in Wednesday time! Week 4.

YES! I bet all of you were on pins-and-needles to read my WIW4 blog post! Except, I am a bad little blogger and am writing this a day late. Sorry! 😉 I didnt have a chance to jump on the computer yesterday and I dont like the ipad wordpress app all that much.

Jumping straight to the good stuff! I lost 2 lbs this week, which is a total loss of 19lbs. I was hoping that I could say Ive lost 20lbs, but thats ok! I am happy because even though I didnt quite hit my goal for this week, my clothing is starting to look a little big. Ive retired 2 skirts already, they are WAY to big– I had an incident where I was playing around in the back yard, chasing after George, and the skirt totally fell off of me! :O Some of my bootay was showing but luckily I was able to catch the skirt before it fell all the way down. Ack! I also have some shirts and pants that are starting to look baggy. So if any of my friends see me out and I look like a hot.mess. its because I refuse to buy any new clothes until Ive lost all of the baby weight. (Excuse the droopy pants!)

I Will Keep Going

I Will Keep Going

Btw, one of the mistakes Ive made in the past is when I lost weight (stupid yo-yo diets) I still hung onto my ‘fat’ clothes. Then when I got off said diet, I would start gaining the weight back and would pull out the ‘fat’ clothes. Mistake! I didnt have the encouragement and drive to get back in gear because my trusty ole chubby clothes were there, waiting for me. Not this time! Ill either donate them to someone else who can use them, put them away for my next pregnancy (instead of buying pregnancy clothes), or BURN them. 😉 Im leaning towards the latter.

In order to kick up my exercise and make sure Im staying healthy (not just losing weight from diet), Ive decided that Im going to start back with my running. In the summer of 2010 I completed the Couch25K program. At the end of that summer I was running 3.5 miles around my neighborhood 3x a week. Which was not an easy task because my neighborhood is 90% hills. Killer hills. I didnt get to the point where I loved running but I did like the way it made me feel. And a huge bonus was that I got 30 mins to myself!

One of my awesome fb friends has encouraged me to train for a half marathon. 13.1 miles people! I was going to sign up and go for it … but the logistics of the race that weekend isnt working out. Instead Im going to start the C25K program over (hoping that I can go through it a little faster then in 2010), continue on training, and run a half marathon by the end of next summer.! I cant believe I just said Im going to run a half marathon. The friend thats been encouraging me made the statement that I just need to commit to doing it– and go for it! Before I realize Ive gotten myself into, get scared, psyche myself out, and quit. I might die trying, but at least Im going to try.

I WIll Not Quit

I WIll Not Quit

Who wants to run a race with me…!!

I Will Be A Winner

I Will Be A Winner

Weight Loss This Week: 2lbs
 Total Loss: 19lbs


Are You Ready?!

How many of y’all set New Years resolutions? How have your resolutions gone? Kept them? Broke them after a week?! Lol. Mine have gone wonderfully… because I didn’t make any! 😛 Hahaha. But for this ‘New Me’ I think it’s about time. I did have weight loss goals but I kinda slacked off. I make them before I became a veg. So I’ll update to fit in with my new life. Along with weight I also want to add in a few other general goals. Not only do I want to get healthy and look über hot with my new bod, 😉 I also want to be well rounded in all areas of my life. Neglecting duties in other areas won’t make me ‘healthy’, it’ll just make me a skinner person who’s priorities are out of whack.

All Things ARE Possible
All Things ARE Possible

So my goals:
Weight loss. I’m going to do Weigh-in-Weds. Self explanatory, every Wed I’m going to log my weight loss. I don’t feel comfortable logging that info here…not yet… But I’ll tell how many pounds I’ve lost (hopefully lost and not gained). My goal is to lose the rest of the baby weight before Christmas. When I lose the next 10 lbs I’m going to buy a Pandora charm that represents my son. When I lose the rest of my baby weight I’m going to buy a charm that reps my daughter. I’ll revisit my next goals at the end of the year. I know I’m DEFIANTLY going to add a spa day in there. Massage. Facial. Ooooh YES!!

Jesus!! 🙂 even though I’ve listed this ‘goal’ second… It’s really my primary focus. We use to go to church all of the time but since Bethany has been born we haven’t gone as much. She doesn’t sleep at night very well and it’s hard to wake up in the mornings. In stead we just watch the services online, which is *OK* but you cant connect or serve others. Even if it means showing up late, lookin like a hot.mess. going to church is so much better then not going. I’m also starting 2 bible studies. Daily bible reading and being active in the bible studies!! In the past I’ve found that these are best accomplished when you have someone to hold you accountable. One of my BFFs (Julie) will be my partner.

Exercise. I have never been big into exercising. You know, start something and quit, thats me! Going to the gym lasted for a little but I felt ridic, I had no idea what I was doing. It gets frustrating. Not working out is a nasty habit that I’ve never been able to break. ‘They’ say that to learn a new habit you have to do it for a month straight. Soooo… :/ Bleh… Work out for a month straight. Noooot exactly looking forward to this goal. 30 mins a day. I plan to start by going on walks with Bethany. Add yoga 2 days a week. And I’ve thrown the idea around of starting karate. My girl, Julie, is also going to help me stick to it! Exercise will be the hardest.

Those are the 3 major things. There are a few smaller goals I have but I dont want to bore you with details. Cleaning. Drinking Water. Making dinner and only going out to eat once a week. I’m sure the husband would love for me to add ‘stop spending money’ and ‘stop spending so much time on my iPad’ but…. a girls got to have fun sometime!!! 😀 Riight?!

Are you excited?! Cuz I know I sure am!! Woot. New Blog, New Me. Btw, so far I’ve lost 10 pounds. This morning I worked out for 40 mins (had to work off my Starbucks breakfast.. :/ Naughty!). I also read my bible. I read before I really started my day which I think is the perfect time for me because then I have the whole day to meditate on what I read. Luke 1:37 totally hit me in the face! Thanks, Lord! Perfect….

Luke 1:37 For nothing will be impossible with God.

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