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Do You Know What Time It Is? Wk 4

Is Weigh in Wednesday time! Week 4.

YES! I bet all of you were on pins-and-needles to read my WIW4¬†blog post! Except, I am a bad little blogger and am writing this a day late. Sorry! ūüėČ I didnt¬†have a chance to jump on the computer yesterday and I dont¬†like the ipad¬†wordpress app all that much.

Jumping straight to the good stuff! I lost 2 lbs this week, which is a total loss of 19lbs. I was hoping that I could say Ive lost 20lbs, but thats ok! I am happy because even though I didnt quite hit my goal for this week, my clothing is starting to look a little big. Ive retired 2 skirts already, they are WAY to bigРI had an incident where I was playing around in the back yard, chasing after George, and the skirt totally fell off of me! :O Some of my bootay was showing but luckily I was able to catch the skirt before it fell all the way down. Ack! I also have some shirts and pants that are starting to look baggy. So if any of my friends see me out and I look like a hot.mess. its because I refuse to buy any new clothes until Ive lost all of the baby weight. (Excuse the droopy pants!)

I Will Keep Going

I Will Keep Going

Btw, one of the mistakes Ive made in the past is when I lost weight (stupid yo-yo diets) I still hung onto my ‘fat’ clothes. Then when I got off said diet, I would start gaining the weight back and¬†would¬†pull out the ‘fat’ clothes.¬†Mistake!¬†I didnt¬†have the encouragement and drive¬†to get back in gear because my trusty ole¬†chubby clothes were there, waiting for me. Not this time! Ill either donate them to someone else who can use them, put them away for my next pregnancy (instead of buying pregnancy clothes), or BURN¬†them. ūüėČ Im leaning towards the latter.

In order to kick up my exercise and make sure Im staying healthy (not just losing weight from diet), Ive decided that Im going to start back with my running. In the summer of 2010 I completed the Couch25K program. At the end of that summer I was running 3.5 miles around my neighborhood 3x a week. Which was not an easy task because my neighborhood is 90% hills. Killer hills. I didnt get to the point where I loved running but I did like the way it made me feel. And a huge bonus was that I got 30 mins to myself!

One of my awesome fb friends has encouraged me to train for a half marathon. 13.1 miles people!¬†I was going to sign up and go for it … but the logistics of the race that weekend isnt¬†working out. Instead Im¬†going to start the C25K¬†program over¬†(hoping that I can go through it a little faster then¬†in 2010), continue on training, and run a half marathon by the end of next summer.! I cant¬†believe I just said Im¬†going to run a half marathon. The friend thats¬†been encouraging me made the statement that I just need to commit to doing it– and go for it! Before I realize Ive gotten myself into, get scared, psyche myself out, and quit. I might die trying, but at least Im going to try.

I WIll Not Quit

I WIll Not Quit

Who wants to run a race with me…!!

I Will Be A Winner

I Will Be A Winner

Weight Loss This Week: 2lbs
 Total Loss: 19lbs



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