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Why dont you act?

Its a pretty simple question, why dont I act? When faced with choosing something that is good for me I tend to try and talk myself out of doing it! Ill come up with a list of excuses, tasks to do instead, or reasons why it wont matter if I simply dont act. How many times have I woken up in the morning and faced tasks that I should do (eating a healthy breakfast, working out, doing some kind of a chore -laundry ugh-, or even spending time with my Lord in prayer and scripture reading) and instead of doing them, I simply dont. Ill talk myself out of it and choose to other things. (Netflix marathon of The Walking Dead, yes please!)

This past Friday the family and I were driving back from our vacation in Florida back to our home in South Carolina, we stopped in Walmart to stretch our legs and grab a few snacks for the road. We all split off and headed in different directions to go find what we wanted (no worries, the hubby had the little kiddies with him), when we met back up I somehow managed to have a package of Reese’s Cups in hand. (Um, Im not quite sure how they jumped off the shelf and into my hand, but they sure did!)

My hubby and I got to talking about how impulsive I can be. I have no problem grabbing a candy bar from the check out counter, its an impulsive move and almost an automatic move for me. (Stupid grocery stores and their junk food traps!!!) We get to the check out and I start scanning the chocolate to see if theres something I want. I know I struggle with making not so good impulsive choices but when it comes to the good ones, I can talk myself out of doing them without any problem.


Recognizing that this is an area where I struggle has helped me make baby steps, I know its a problem and I know I can work at fixing it. Its like when exercising a muscle, the more you target that area the stronger it’ll become. The more you replace bad habits with healthier ones, the more automatic they will become! You wont have to talk yourself into things like eating good food, working out, being productive, praying and reading your bible … because itll become like second nature. Be more impulsive with healthy choices.


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