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Where Has My Sanity Gone?

Oh my goodness. Where has my sanity gone? It’s disappeared slowly as we have homeschooled, the longer we go the crazier I get. Which is why I’ve been MIA on here. Don’t hate me 🙂 Lol, its not really that bad but today was an unusually difficult day. The child became belligerent and wouldn’t do his work. I made him take a break, in the form of a nap, and then after he went to karate class I dropped them off at the house for the husband to deal with. Let daddy deal with it! 45 mins of mommy free time in the grocery store!!! What! Lol. When I got back the child had completed most of his work. Score!

Real quick (because my iPad only has 5% battery life left), we found our max weight (I believe it’s called rep max, 1rm) today with dead lifts, presses, and squats. I had a lot of fun with it! I’m so pumped to see where I’ll be at in a few months.


My rm’s found today, Sep 10
Deadlift: 205lbs
Back Squat: 125lbs
Overhead Press: 70lbs

Oh. Yeah. That felt fantastic! Superwoman, look out, here I come!!!!! 😀


Can I Catch A Break?

I need a moment!

True Story

True Story

Any parent will tell you there comes a time when you are totally burnt out and at the breaking point. Im there at the moment. Today has not been a good day and I just put the baby in her crib to ‘play’ for 10 mins while I get a break. A BREAK! Im a stay at home mom, breaks are not something we get. Unlike moms that work, we are with our children 24/7. We do not get to have baby free time during the day. Now dont get me wrong, I love being able to stay at home. But today is just one of THOSE days. Actually, my entire week last week was one of THOSE weeks and right now I am taking.a.break. A break from constantly running interference and redirecting.

The bad thing about your baby finally becoming mobile is that your baby is finally becoming mobile. Ah! 😛 They get into everything they shouldnt and now Im running interference. All.The.Time. Havent I said before that babies are like puppies?! Lol. The crazy thing is that the baby has so many toys but she doesn’t want to play with them. I try to get on the floor and play with her. She crawls away. (Plus she’s teething. Whining. Grumpy. Doesn’t sleep well. Doesn’t nap well. And won’t watch a second of tv.) What DOES the baby want to do? Play with the tv. Try and climb the stairs. Get into the kitchen trash. Chew our shoes (What makes a baby look at a shoe and think, that looks like something good to chew?!). Pull out the DVDs. Unroll the toilet paper. Try and climb into the shower. Pull out all of the mixing bowls from the kitchen cabinets. Play with wires. Rip paper. I’m constantly redirecting her. Saving her from her hurting herself. Omgosh, can a mama not catch a BREAK?

What do *I* do?! What do YOU do!!!?

What do *I* do all day?! What do YOU do all day!!!?

This morning I had to redirect the baby about 50 million times from the stairs. I dont get what is so entertaining about climbing up them, but thats all she seems to want to do. You should see her when I stop her, its like I just broke her poor little baby heart. She has a full on baby breakdown and cant stand it that I wont just let her craw up those stairs. MeanMama! I caught her on the 5th or 6th step and told her, “NO Bethany. You cannot go up there!” In her sweet little angel voice, Bethany said, “Bye bye Mama!” and attempted to race up the stairs. Lol. Oh no.

I know she wants to explore and is trying to learn her environment. I’m happy that she’s so healthy and curious. But this is getting tiring. Plus the house is a mess because I can’t clean during the day. The husband comes home like — Um, what have you done all day?! — And I just want to punch him. Lol. 😉

Ok, now that Ive gotten my moment … time to go back to mama-reality….

SAHM, True Story

SAHM, True Story

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