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Do You Know What Time It Is?

It’s Weigh in Wednesday time!

One of the main reasons why Im writing this blog is for the accountability… how can I talk about diet and things on here if I’m not actually following what I’m writing?! But my self control sometimes isn’t too high. Like over this weekend, the husband bought me flowers and some sweet foods (chocolate). I *said* I wasn’t going to eat too many of them but I ended up stuffing my face with cookies and then I paid for it with an upset stomach. Now that I’m a vegetarian, anytime I eat sweets or heavy things I’ll get sick. Blah! Usually I stay away but I was bad over the weekend. I also slacked off with working out. I hate working out!

Soooo this morning when I weighed myself I was expecting no weight loss. To my surprise, I lost a pound! Lol. 1 pound. Hey, I’ll take it! As long as I don’t gain weight.. Riiight?! 😛


But from now on, no.more. weekend traps!! I’m not going to work hard over the week just to blow it over the weekend. And the next time the husband wants to do something nice for me, I’ll take a 30 min massage over some cookies. 😀 Now it’s time to go work out. Have I mentioned that I hate working out?!

And lol at this pic. I had to share! 😛



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