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Why Vegetarian?

Dont you hate that moment when you rock your baby to sleep and you go to put them down? Its like a hold-your-breath moment. I sure do! You try to put them down juuuust right so that they wont notice that they are no longer in your arms. Cuz if they wake up, theres very little chance you will get them back to sleep. One shot… thats all you get!
My Bethany is 9 months old and not such a great sleeper. Shes got this ninja-like ability to know the second that she is no longer being held. I just put her down for her morning nap and was praying, “Please let her stay asleep. Please let her stay asleep. Please can I get 30 mins of a nap time. Ill be happy with just 30 mins. If I get more, fantastic.. but all I really want is just 30 mins.” Its been 5 mins, so far so good! Now I can write my real first blog post! 🙂 Woot!

Hug A Vegetarian!

So Why Vegetarian? Why did I go from eating junk food, fast food, fried stuff, lots of red meats, too-large portion sizes, cookies (oooh chocolate cookies!), cheese on everything, and other naughty things. Well isnt that apparent? can eat junk like that and be healthy. Its just not possible. Of course I had come to that conclusion before but my fix to the problem of the b-u-l-d-g-e was to go on crash diets or sprint exercising (you know! exercising for a few weeks and then quit). I would have small victories, I would win the war but never the battle. 10 pounds down here.. 20 pounds up there. I got tired of it. You know? Time for something drastic and long-lasting. Time for a new me! May 2012 I became a vegetarian. Its September and I feel fantastic. 🙂 Its amazing how in this short amount of time Im already feeling better. Ive only lost 10 lbs, but thats ok. Ive spent 25 years putting on weight, I have plenty of time to get it off. Slow and steady wins the marathon.

Veg-ism means different things to different people. A short description of the main -ism’s: pescetarianism (fish eaters), ovo vegetarianism (eggs but not dairy products), lacto vegetarianism (dairy products but not eggs), ovo-lacto vegetarianism (includes animal/dairy products such as eggs, milk, and honey), veganism (no animal and animal products), raw veganism (only fresh and uncooked foods). I just say, “Im a vegetarian”. Some days I eat all vegan, some says Ill have a little cheese or eggs, and I have had fish (a handful of times). Its hard, you spend your whole life eating one way, its hard to completely switch to a new way of eating. Its not just food, its like a whole new way of thinking. My ‘goal’, Id like to get to the point where Im vegan.

You know what the stupid-est (is that a word? lol) thing about this whole new veg-lifestyle. Others. People love to spout off about topics that they have no real knowledge about. If somehow it comes out that Im now a veg, some reactions have been shock :O People wernt interested in my diet before my veg eating, but now that I wont eat meat, now they want to give their opinion. “Well, I heard….blah-blah-blah.” O.rly. Since when did you get your degree in Nutrition?! Lol. You are concerned for me?! Where was your concern when I was eating the junk food? When I was eating hamburgers, fries, cookies… ect. I didnt hear you ‘voice your concern’ when all that junk food was making me gain weight. But now that I want to be healthy and eat good-for-you food.. now you want to question my diet?! //rolls.eyes// How funny! Some of the issues others have brought up:

  •  Dont you miss eating ‘regular’ food?! Well, the longer you go not eating a type of food, the more you start to forget what it tastes like. I use to love steak. I cant remember what it tastes like, and I dont miss it. Hamburgers, on the other hand, I use to love them. I craved them when I was pregnant with Bethany. Ive tried veg-burgers but they arnt the same. It just made me miss a real burger, so for now Im staying away from veg-burgers. No temptation for me, lol. Plus you can get fake omni foods. Every type of dairy product comes in ‘veg-style’ aka: fake or soy. Soy milks, cheese, cream cheese, butter, mayo… They even have fake egg product! 😛
  • I would never be able to do it! You might be surprised!! Im in this FANTASTIC group on facebook of vegan mothers (not all in the group are vegans, like me). They are such a fantastic group of women. So welcoming. Always answering my (many) questions. Sharing new recipes. Encouraging with the difficulties us veg-eaters face. If it wasnt for my support, I prob wouldnt be able to do it.
  • What DO you eat?! I eat lots of yummy things! Almost every omni dish can be turned veg. (In the veg world, meat-eaters are known as omni’s) Tofu… its really cool in that it tastes like whatever you want it to taste like. Whatever spices or sauces you use is what it will taste like. Once you get ust to the texture, its wonderful because the flavors are endless. Theres this thing called tempeh thats protein, like tofu. I havent tried it , yet. Another protein, like tofu, that I have tried is called seitan. It was OK… but I didnt cook it right. Ill have to try again. Whole grains, veggies, fruits, beans, nuts, lentils, mushrooms.  Over this summer I was on a tomato kick! Quinoa and chia seed have become popular (thanks to pinterest). Ive had quinoa, its kinda funny. Anyways, Im not a nutritionist, but I have researched the veg diet. You can get all the nutrition you need in a well-rounded veg diet. Dont believe me? Research it yourself! 😛 Oh, and I have to give ‘props’ to pinterest. Ive cooked so many new and fun dishes thanks to pinterest! (You can follow my veg board here)

I could go on and on, but I wont. Wooza! My first blog post ended up being longer then I expected. I was concerned when I started this blog because I thought I wouldnt have enough to talk about. Looks like i was wrong! 😀 I promise, not all posts will be as long as this one. Hahaha. Oh and BIG plus, Bethany is STILL sleeping! Woot. All that talk about my new diet has me hungry!


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