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Do you know what time it is?

It’s weigh in time!
Wanna hear something funny.. I’m currently in by bed, typing on my iPhone, hiding, while the kid and the baby play in the living room! (Yes my bedroom is right off the living room, I can hear them. No they arnt in danger, lol). I told the kid I’d give him 3 bucks if he watched the baby so I could lay down for a min. … I’m taking a mommy-moment and it feels great!!!

I can hear that the baby is getting into one of the kitchen cabinets, it’s storage for our plastic plates, napkins, paper coffee cups, old baby bottles… I’m sure she’s making a mess but do I care right now? Nope! Ill deal with it in a few. If I went in there now then I wouldn’t be able to come back in my bedroom…the baby would fuss and demand for my attention.

Do I feel bad/guilty? Nope! Sometimes we need a moment to gain our sanity. Hiding is better then snapping at them! I’ve been dealing with a teething baby for 2 weeks, who doesn’t sleep, the husband was out if town, leaving me to the kids, I’m clean eating (so no chocolate! Boo!), and the kid has been grounded since May 1. I feel like I may go crazy!

Thankfully we are visiting fam this weekend for Mothers Day, which means unlimited babysitters!!! 😀 And sleep for me because my mom doesn’t mind snuggling with the baby at night. SLEEP! I’d take a day for sleeping as my Mothers Day gift!


It’s been a weird May so far! Sleep deprived and stressed out but I managed to list a pound this week. One pound! Ill take it!

..and now I can hear the baby fussing, asking for mama..

That break was nice, while it lasted. Time to get back to the real world!

Weight Loss This Week: -1lb
Complete Loss: 53lbs
Weight: 174lbs


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